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Rainbow Zebra - 4 Diamond-white Bould Liquid Chalk Markers Promotion

Unlimited possibilities - use on any non-porous surfaces!

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Rainbow Zebra - 4 Diamond-white Bould Liquid Chalk Markers

Hi everyone, it's a manufacturer of snow-white brilliant quality markers - "Rainbow Zebra ®".

Promote your business with us - 4 diamond-white markers will help you to increase attractiveness of your shopwindows and menus in restaurants, bars and cafes to draw more customers and visitors. Using "RainbowZebra®" products can help you create a boom in your business' development. 4 diamond-white markers made exclusively from high-quality materials from Japan in a creative packaging won't leave anyone indifferent and will help to bring a smile on anyone's face. Don't think about the gray routine of everyday life, purchase "Rainbow Zebra®" products and make the world around you bright and colorful , smile and fill people around you with positivity.

Your marker lasts twice as long!

To keep your marker working for many months to come, we make a special offering: superbonus in a form of TWO ADDITIONALS REVERSIBLE TIPS for FREE - just change a tip and your marker is as good as new!

Unlimited possibilities - use on any non-porous surfaces!

These professional liquid chalk markers can be used on an extremely wide range of materials. Any non-porous material can be written on, including plastic, acrylic, mirrors, glass, metal and stone.

Let bright colors enter your life, give happiness and love to you and those around you - buy one package for yourself and two for your friends or kids. We work all year long, 24/7.

Smile, become better, raise your success and change the world for the better with "Rainbow Zebra®"!