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Qball - World's FASTEST Trainer Promotion

Qball is a hard rubber reaction ball with a moderately erratic bounce.

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Qball - World's FASTEST Trainer

Qball is a hard rubber reaction ball with a moderately erratic bounce. No two bounces are the same so you must watch and react to each bounce. You can bounce 1 or 2 Qballs to waist height really fast. It trains the circuitry between the eyes, brain and body to make your reactions super fast. Athletes train with the Qball to see better and react faster. It helps them see hit and catch. Using the Qball translates into better sports performance.

For regular people, the Qball keeps the mind sharp and working fast. Lots of fun games and exercises to try. Visit to see them. Create your own game and share it with us; #qballextreme.

Random numbers 1 - 10 (Q = 10) make for challenging math games. Add or multiply the top number from each bounce. Compete with others. A point to the first person to get the correct answer. Hours of activities.

Andrew Wallenstein Andrew Wallenstein  

QBall Reaction Ball Https:// These Balls Are An Interesting Eye-hand Coordination Training Tool That I Receive...
Melissa Berry Melissa Berry  

Got A Neat Game In The Mail Just The Other Day. It's Called Qball Extreme! You Can Order One Ball Or As Many As You Like. It Is Great For Eye Hand Coordination. I Never Realized How Bad Mine Was Lol Also Have A Couple Of Teenagers That Have Been Playing With It And Enjoying It. Great For Tennis Players! Https://