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Q-Band Q-68HR Accurate Health & Fitness Tracker Watch Promotion

The built-in ultra-low power optical sensor can continuously track your heart rate over 100 hours.

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Q-Band Q-68HR Accurate Health & Fitness Tracker Watch

【100 Hours Continuous Heart Rate Detection】: The built-in ultra-low power optical sensor can continuously track your heart rate over 100 hours. You can optimize your workout using real-time heart rate zones throughout your exercises and reach calorie burned goal of your fitness plan.
【Slim, Stylish & Sunlight Readable Scratch-Resistant Big Screen】: Its 0.66 inch slim body is equipped with a vertical-viewing, sunlight-readable 128x64 pixel 0.96 inch big display to offer you more information at a glance. Q-Band adopts a 5H hardness Tempered Acrylic screen, which is commonly used in the automobile industry. Its changeable band makes it more fun and flexible for your dressing style.
【95% Accurate Metrics】: If you use the device to track 3 or more runs using connected GPS (connected to the GPS of your phone), we automatically calibrate your stride length by using our exclusive algorithm to deliver highly accurate step, distance, and speed. Once this is done, your measured speed and distance will be up to 95% accuracy any time you run without carrying your phone. The GPS calibrated stride makes this equipment outperform other wristbands in the market.
【 Smart Text Notification for 10 Days Compatible to Android & iPhone】: Q-Band offers notifications of calls, SMS, emails, calendar events, LINE, Facebook, WeChat, WhatsApp, etc. Notifications will be alerted via text and vibration. Q-Band may last for up to 10 days without charging with notification enabled and with heart rate detection on 2 hours per day in workout.
【Sleep Monitor & Silent Alarm】: Q-Band can track the quality of sleep to help you obtain a better routine. By setting the alarm clock in the APP, it will awake you via silent vibration, and allows you to get up from a good sleep without a rush.