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PYS Bundle Of Vegetable Cutter Shapes Set Promotion

The package includes super cute 8pcs of vegetable cutters and 6 sets of egg mold. They can be widely used to help make food in interesting shapes.

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PYS Bundle Of Vegetable Cutter Shapes Set

GREAT VALUE OF BUNDLE - The package includes super cute 8pcs of vegetable cutters and 6 sets of egg mold. They can be widely used to help make food in interesting shapes. 4 sets each big and small stamps in sakura, plum blossom, chrysanthemum and peach blossom shape. 6 colorful sushi molds in fish, car, bear, rabbit, star, heart shape.
WIDE RANGE OF USE – The variety shapes of cutter and molds give you a wide space of imagination and creation in making interesting food easily. Suit for meals, vegetable, cake, biscuit, cookie, fruit, sushi, Rice, pudding, noodle and more. Best for kid’s lunch boxes or for snacks, desserts and bento boxes. Perfectly designs for many occasions, such as Birthday party, Baby Shower, Fundraising, Classroom Projects, and festivals as Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving and so on.
VEGETABLE CUTTER: Made from Food grade high quality durable healthy stainless steel and ABS plastic. With 2 dismountable protective casing (big and small) help cutting easier. Just simply press down with your palm. Perfect for cutting through carrot, kiwi, watermelon, cucumber, cheese, cookies, small apples and more.
EGG SUSHI RICE MOLD: Food grade ABS plastic, safe to use within temperatures between -4 and 248℉. Just boiled an egg, shell it and put inside the mold, then wait about 10 minutes, you will get a cute shaped egg. You can also use them to shaped rice, sushi, and cake.
WARRANTY: Your satisfaction is our priority. If you don’t like them just simply contact us for a no question asking return or replacement.
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Tiffeny Monson Tiffeny Monson  

Egg Boiling Mold And Cute Vegetable Cutter In Vivid Colors
Brenda Malone Brenda Malone  

These are so much fun to use! #luvinfoodagain #PYS
Etta Ashley Etta Ashley  

The Bundle Package Comes With Cute 8pcs Of Vegetable Cutters And 6 Sets Of Egg Mold. 4 Sets Each Big And Small Stamps In Sakura, Plum Blosso...
Andrenna Caballero Andrenna Caballero  

Got The PYS Bundle Vet Cutter Set. Cut Some Honeydew With The Cutters And Then Made Animals From Rice. Super Easy To Use. Fun As Well. Munster And I Had Fun Making Rice Into Animals. Will Make Some Egg Animals Next.
Brenda Malone Brenda Malone  

These Are So Much Fun To Use! My Daughter And I Have Made Little Cookies With Them, We Also Have Done Fried Eggs, And When I Make Her Sticky Rice I Make Fun Shapes For Her (She Loves Sticky Rice And Usually Makes A Mess Rolling It Into Balls This Stops Her From Doing That). #luvinfoodagain #PYS Https:// Https://
Andrenna Caballero Andrenna Caballero  

Also got the PYS bundle vet cutter set. Cut some honeydew with the cutters and then made animals from rice. Super easy to use. #pysmagicbox
Etta Ashley Etta Ashley  

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