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Primal Elite Supportive Knee Sleeves Red/Black Release Promo

Primal Elite brings superior quality for weightlifting accessories. Crafted with the athlete in mind. Ergonomic design.

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Primal Elite 7mm Thick Supportive Knee Sleeves


Primal Elite Brings Superior Quality for Weightlifting Accessories
• Crafted with the athlete in mind. Ergonomic design provides extra comfort with the perfect fit
• Professionally engineered with competition quality 7mm neoprene and double reinforced stitching
• Please refer to the sizing chart

Used for all types of fitness workouts including: CrossFit, powerlifting, bodybuilding, basketball, leg training exercises

Why our ergonomic knee sleeves or braces are a must have for any beginner, fitness enthusiast ?
• The high quality neoprene compression will aid in higher performance and safe mobility.
• Orthopedic support to prevent injury and aid joint pain recovery during rehab (e.g. tendonitis, acl tear, surgery)
• Warming effects neoprene braces retain heat to reduce muscle stiffness which involves better mobility and keep joints (e.g. meniscus) nice and warm to reduce injury risks.

• Roll the knee sleeves down your calves and protect your shins during deadlifts!

What's Included?
• 1 Pair of premium knee sleeves
• Primal Elite gym bag

Comes with a 30-Day No Hassle Returns

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