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Premium Waterproof Pouches (2 Pack) With Waist Strap Promotion

Never have to deal with short and uncomfortable waist strap again! Our waist belt with applicable waistline: 33.5-46.85 inch.

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Premium Waterproof Pouches (2 Pack) With Waist Strap

Note promotion is only for Color: Pure Black(Opaque) + Vibrant Blue

Your search is OVER! The BEST Waterproof Pouches on Amazon with UNBEATABLE PRICE, And Here's Why
✔ Ultimate double top closure strip seals system to ensure flawless waterproof construction which is more simple and secure than any seals on the market, ensure your phones and wallet even your camera 100% DRY while playing happily in any occasion involving water, sand, snow, dirt and dust!
✔ Freegrace waterproof pouches are state of the art made from the finest materials available combined with the Highest Level of Workmanship. Best Waterproof Polymer. It will last a lifetime. It is soft, lightweight, and flexible while tough enough to prevent abrasions, punctures, and tears.
✔ Factory directly sales, to ensure best quality pouch sold with UNBEATABLE PRICE!
✔ TOUCH FRIENDLY -You could use your phone inside the pouch(except opaque version)
✔ You could wear it comfortably as waist pack, shoulder bag and cross-body bag