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Premium Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder 2oz Thailand - Amazon Prime Promotion

Premium Culinary Grade Organic Matcha Featured in CBS, FOX, ABC and NBC News For Behing Easily Mixed in Room Temperature Water, Vibrant Green Colors and Tropically Grassy Flavors BOOST…

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Premium Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder 2oz Thailand - Amazon Prime

NEW THAILAND Premium Culinary Grade Organic Matcha Featured in CBS, FOX, ABC and NBC News For Behing Easily Mixed in Room Temperature Water, Vibrant Green Colors and Tropically Grassy Flavors

BOOST YOUR METABOLISM. Enzo 100% Organic Matcha Green Tea contains poly-phenol EGCG, a well-known formula to increase metabolism and helps you to burn fat faster. Comes in retort Bag with ZIP Top RE-SEABLE, great for long-term storage. SAVE TIME on QUEUING UP at Cafe Houses for Green Tea Lattes.

A POWERFUL ANTIOXIDANT & NATURAL DETOXIFIER. Matcha Green Tea is a great source of catechin polyphenols. It is a well-known antioxidant to protect human body from cancers, cardiovascular diseases and great for skin health to make us young and beautiful. Matcha until brewed green tea is high in chlorophyll, which great for skin health, detoxifies your body and remove toxins.

MOOD AND MEMORY ENHANCER. Our organic matcha green tea contains high amount of amino acid L-theanine. Matcha is the perfect choice to help you relax your mind and improve the focus. Matcha Tea equally lifts up your energy level and promote better concentration.

ALL DAY ENERGY WITH UNMATCHED TASTE. Unlike coffee shots of energy, Matcha Green Tea slowly and steadily releases its energy. Matcha is a perfect source of All-Day Energy with enriched vitamins and nutrients. Matcha smells fresh and taste 2x of conventional green tea.


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Diane Marconi Loll Diane Marconi Loll  

********************************************************** ENZO MATCHA: Https:// ****************************************...
Sandy Ragan Mosley Sandy Ragan Mosley  

100% ORGANIC MATCHA - PROPRIETARY COLD PRESS POWDERED WHY THAI MATCHA? After Tons Of Research And Testing We Found A 40 Years Old Family Owned Farm In A Small Town North Of Thailand That Has Been Producing Matcha For 17 Years Their Production Method Is Nothing Short Of Ingenious, By Using A World's ...
Stephanie Griffith Stephanie Griffith  

I Enjoy Making Drinks And Foods Using Organic Matcha Powder. It's Good For Me, High In Fiber, Boosts My Metabolism, Helps Burn Calories, & Plenty Of Other Things. For Drinks, I Like To Add Matcha To My Fruit Smoothies And Flavored Coffee. As For Food, I Have Only Used It With Making Banana Nut Pancakes And I Though It Was Delicious. I Still Want To Try Making Other Recipes With It. You Can Check It Out Here- Https://
Jennie Stretch Jennie Stretch  

I Was Suprised To Find Out Enzo's Organic Matcha Stands Up To Par With My Personal Loved Taste Of Leading Japanese Brands! Whenever I Go To Japan, Right Off The Bat I Want To Try Some Matcha Icecream, A Classic Favorite There. But Now I Don't Have To Wait, Now I Can Make It Right At Home. I Just Combined This With Some Whipped Cream, Eggs, Sugar, And Than Bam! My Favorite Exotic Treat Right Out Of My Own Freezer. Now, I Have Tried Some Other Organic Matcha Before, But None That Tasted So Familiar To The Real Deal In Japan. Dare I Say, Even Better; Especially Since I Get Pride Out Of Making It Myself. Maybe It Has To Do With How It Was Made In Thailand, It Is Organic, Or That It Is A Premium Private Selective Name Brand. Whatever It Is That Makes It So Superior, I Adore It. If You've Never Tried Matcha Before, Your Surely Missing Out On The Fresh Grassy Twang Taste. Matcha Can Be Combined With Practically Anything For That Superior Taste. Matcha Being The Sencond Main Ingredient In Green Tea, Its Not Surprising Green Tea Offers Such Good Health Benefits. Matcha Contains Great Antioxidants Like Epigallocatechin Gallate, Which Provides Potent Cancer-fighting Properties. And This Bag Currently Contains 137X The Antioxidants Found In Green Tea! Wow, Imagine All The Good Your Putting Into Your Body With That High Amount. It Also Provides Vitamin C, Selenium, Chromium, Zinc And Magnesium. Boosting Metabolism, Matcha Has Been Proven To Calm The Mind And Inner State As Well As Improve Concentration And Energy. So, The Benefits Are Very Much There. And Once Your Taste Buds Get Used To It, You'll Also Have The Superior Taste You Can't Find Anywhere Else Right At Your Finger Tips. And With Enzo, Personally The Taste For Me Was Superior To Any Other Matcha I Have Tried Elseware. All The Nutrients They Put In There, I Love It. And To Know Enzo Gives Back 10% Of Profit Of Every Bag To Charity, It Puts A Giant Smiley On My Face. Not Only Will My Well-being Be Improved With The Matcha, But Other People I Don't Even Know Will Be Getting Chances At A Better Life Too. Unlike Some Other Unmentionable Matcha Brands, This One Contains No Fat, Colestrol, Or Artificial Sugar. And If You Are A Avid Green Tea Drinker Like Me, You Now Have An Alternative To Those Tea Brands That Load The Good Stuff With Bad Stuff Like Excessive Sugar. Now You Have The Freedom To Make Your Own Green Tea With Healthier Ingredients; Knowing Exactly How Much Nutrients You Are Putting Into Your Body. Just Use This Superior Matcha With Some Green Tea Leaves And Your Own Personal Blend Of Sugars, Honey Or Milk. Or You Could Just Stick To Applying This Matcha To Any Other Product You Can Think Of To Get Yourself A Better Health And All Around Well-being. In One Bag Your Getting 20Z So It Could Prove To Last A Long Time For You. It Is At Such A Good Price Too, Especially For Organic Tea At This Amount Of High Quality. I Have Fallan In Love With My Enzo's Organic Matcha, And If You Get Yourself A Bag I Hope You Do Too. In The First Picture Shown Is The Matcha Icecream I Had Made, And In The Sencond Is The Nutrrient Information So You Know Exactly What It Is That Your Getting. You Can Find This Product On Amazon, And Please Do Cheak Out My Review On Giveaway Service As Well: Https:// Happy Shopping!(: