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Premium Copper Mug Promotion

Enjoy drinking from your solid copper cups indefinitely.

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Premium Copper Mug

PREMIUM QUALITY - AUTHENTIC 16 ounce Moscow Mule copper mugs - Our 100% pure copper mugs are a full 16 oz. and made to satisfy. Mix less and relax more!

FOOD GRADE lacquered outside and exposed copper inside - No more tarnishing on the outside of your mug. Keep your authentic Moscow Mule mugs looking spotless on the outside while enjoying the chilling/flavor benefits of a pure copper mug.

RIVETED HANDLES - Welding is not always consistent and can cause a weaker bond. Ours are built to withstand the test of time. Enjoy drinking from your solid copper cups indefinitely.

BONUS RECIPES eBook Included - Entertain family and friends by mixing Moscow Mules with a twist.