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PowerSpa Extra-Large 7-Setting 5" Face Showerhead, Chrome Promotion

Extra-large 5" chrome face.

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PowerSpa Extra-Large 7-Setting 5" Face Showerhead, Chrome

PowerSpa Extra-Large 7-Setting 5" Face Showerhead, Chrome:

• Latest elegant Curved Bell design
• Extra-large 5" chrome face
• 7 full click settings including Rain, Massage and Mist
• High-power 3-zone PrecisionFlo dial
• Rub-clean jets
• Easy-turn click lever
• Water-saving Eco Rain mode
• Angle-adjustable
• Tool-free installation
• Limited lifetime warranty

Model #7008

Luminous Mom Luminous Mom  

PowerSpa Showerhead Chrome - Review!
Dianaa Kanaa Dianaa Kanaa  

This shower head is awesome. The water is spread out far greater than in other shower heads, so you get to use less water, but feel like there's just so much water coming from the head. I find it a little difficult to adjust the head to a different pattern spray when its wet, but other than that, each of the spray patterns are awesome and practically give you a new shower experience. For me its all about the small things, like a nice shower head, and its made better by the fact that it does not use as much water as you think it does. Just a word of warning: make sure that you knock out the head before installing it. I put mines on, it ran well for two days, and then I lost all the pressure in the head. After doing some investigation, I found a little plastic shaving from the head had shaken loose and was interrupting the flow of water. Just knock it out and make sure nothing is in there before you grab your pliers. Pros -easy to install -no tools required -lots of different shower pressure settings -works wonderfully -shower head snaps on and off for easy cleaning -the knob that changes water settings is really easy to push -simple/easy to use and install NO CONS I received this item at a discount for my honest unbiased review.
Dianaa Kanaa Dianaa Kanaa  

This shower head is awesome. The water is spread out far greater than in other shower head…
Luminous Mom Luminous Mom  

Must have light up shower head ! #dreamspa
Heather Kelley Heather Kelley  

Really great shower head. Easy to install & has some really nice shower settings. Give it a 8/10 #Review #free…
Heather Kelley Heather Kelley  

Review of PowerSpa Extra-Large 7-Setting 5" Face Showerhead, Chrome. I normally don't use shower heads that aren't hand held. So this was a new experience for me. The shower head was very easy to install and I had to install it on our extender. We live in an old house with a very short shower head height. So being able to install it easy, with no problems and no leaks as a major must. I really love the powerful mist option. It's one of the greatest experiences anyone can get from a shower head. It's like a waterfall mist, I've been to Niagara Falls and it takes me back to those moments as a teen. It's just wonderful. My next favorite setting is the massage setting. It sooth's your sore neck and back very well and you leave the shower feeling refreshed. The photo on right is the one I use the most for my normal showering and it works great for your every day needs. Over all it's a great shower head and I really liked using it. The only down side for my is is doesn't have a hand held option and it can be hard to switch between the different settings with one hand, a lot of the time I have had to use two hands. I give it a 8/10. Check out the shower head here - I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.
Luminous Mom Luminous Mom  

I Had Just Moved Into My New House – And Boy Was There Alot Of Work To Be Done. All The Bathrooms Had To Totally Be Re-done, And When They Re-did The Bathroom – I Did Not Realize That The Price Did Not Include Fixtures! And, Any Fixtures They Did Include Were Super Low Quality. SO I Set Out Looking To Find Knobs, Nozzles And Shower Heads For My 4 Bathrooms.
Heather Kelley Heather Kelley  

Review Of PowerSpa Extra-Large 7-Setting 5" Face Showerhead, Chrome. I Normally Don't Use Shower Heads That Aren't Hand Held. So This Was A New Experience For Me. The Shower Head Was Very Easy To Install And I Had To Install It On Our Extender. We Live In An Old House With A Very Short Shower Head Height. So Being Able To Install It Easy, With No Problems And No Leaks As A Major Must. I Really Love The Powerful Mist Option. It's One Of The Greatest Experiences Anyone Can Get From A Shower Head. It's Like A Waterfall Mist, I've Been To Niagara Falls And It Takes Me Back To Those Moments As A Teen. It's Just Wonderful. My Next Favorite Setting Is The Massage Setting. It Sooth's Your Sore Neck And Back Very Well And You Leave The Shower Feeling Refreshed. The 1st Photo Is The One I Use The Most For My Normal Showering And It Works Great For Your Every Day Needs. Over All It's A Great Shower Head And I Really Liked Using It. The Only Down Side For My Is Is Doesn't Have A Hand Held Option And It Can Be Hard To Switch Between The Different Settings With One Hand, A Lot Of The Time I Have Had To Use Two Hands. I Give It A 8/10. Check Out The Shower Head Here - Https:// I Received This Product For Free In Exchange For My Honest And Unbiased Opinion.
Andrew Fisher Andrew Fisher  

#Showerheadreviews PowerSpa 24-Setting Deluxe 3-Way Shower Combo, Chrome Walmart #: 552138628 and PowerSpa Extra-Large 7-Setting 5" Face Showerhead, Chrome Walmart #: 552138609. These shower heads are very relaxing, has the perfect amount of pressure for each setting and is easy to switch during a shower. The sleek design is 5 Star hotel quality, made with excellent materials that are built to last. To be able to switch between the main head and the hand held is hands down the greatest invention! The video features the original head that came with the combo and the chrome head that is sold separately. This made an awesome gift for my mom and was easy to install for her! It comes with everything you need to make sure there are no leaks. I strongly recommend it! I received this item free of charge for my honest review and am not required to give a good review. I have no connection to the seller.
Andrew Fisher Andrew Fisher  

Buy PowerSpa 24-Setting Deluxe 3-Way Shower Combo, Chrome At
Andrew Fisher Andrew Fisher  

#Showerheadreviews PowerSpa 24-Setting Deluxe 3-Way Shower Combo, Chrome Walmart #: 552138628 and PowerSpa...
Dianaa Kanaa Dianaa Kanaa  

This Shower Head Is Awesome. The Water Is Spread Out Far Greater Than In Other Shower Heads, So You Get To Use Less Water, But Feel Like There’s Just So Much Water Coming From The Head. I Fin…