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Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers For LED Bulbs Promotion

Portable bluetooth LED lights, audio, limited, first come first served

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Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers For LED Bulbs

Bluetooth speaker with Led light is combination of LED desk lamp and Bluetooth speaker, illumination and music play 2 in 1.
Warm white light offer you comfortable feeling. Not so bright, not so dark, just enough brightness and COMFORTABLE for indoor use.
Connecting the Bluetooth speaker with Led to your smart phone by Bluetooth to ENJOY music
Convenient for Outdoor campaign:A HOOK on the bottom to let you could hang the light in tent to enjoy wonderful night with warm light and music.
PORTABLE: with built-in rechargeable battery, it could go anywhere with you, Warm light for outdoor lighting, Music to create wonderful tmosphere . Long time duration: about 10 hours for lighting, and about 4 hours for music playing, Colorful light to create different atmosphere,Light twinkle according to music rhythm