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Portable Tea Infuser Water Bottle & Tea Set

The Tea Capsule with removable tea strainer contains everything you need for teatime on the go.

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Portable Tea Infuser Water Bottle & Tea Set


1. Before you apply, please check that you meet the prerequisites of this campaign*

2. Once you're approved, we'll provide a coupon code that expires within 24-48 hours

3. Your coupon will enable you to choose the color/tea combo you prefer: Pink with Hibiscus tea or Yellow with Mint Green tea

About the Product:
Let's be honest, no one wants to deal with a wet tea bag first thing in the morning. Messy, dripping single-use tea bags create waste that only adds distraction to your relaxing tea ritual and commuting routine, so why use them? Start your day off right with a reusable, all-in-one tea set.

Simply add Tea + Water to the BPA and lead free insulated glass tumbler designed to get you quickly on your way. Need a healthy boost later in the day? Just add extra tea leaves or herbs inside the lid and relieve stress naturally with afternoon teatime.

With the one-step steeping system bundled with loose tea, you'll love how easy it is to start using this tea infuser bottle every day.

Other notes:
* If you're new and do not meet the prerequisites but feel like this is the perfect product for you, please feel free to send us a message about it using the message system and we'll take it into consideration.

Renee Richardson Renee Richardson  

This Tumbler Is Absolutely Beautiful. Its Beauty Is Equally Matched By How Well It Works. The Medium Yellow Tumbler Comes With A Mint Green Tea That Is Delicious. The Aroma As Soon As You Open The Pouch Is Pungent But It Is A Good Scent, Not Overpowering At All. It Has A Delicate Taste And It Is Very Calming And Soothing. The Removable Stainless Steel Tea Strainer Fits Snuggly Into The Top Of The Tumbler And It Is Wide Enough For Me To Easily Pour My Hot Water Into It Without Spilling. A Wonderful Feature Is The Double Wall Insulated Glass. After Putting Boiling Water Into The Tumbler I Am Still Able To Handle It Without Burning My Hand And I Can Barely Feel The Heat. It Is Not Uncomfortable At All To Handle The Tumbler With Hot Liquids In It. The Handle That Comes Attached To The Top Works Really Well And You Can Hold The Tumbler By The Handle And The Bottle Is Not Too Heavy So It Is Easy To Tote. I Absolutely Love This And I Am Really Happy With It. It Works For All Types Of Beverages So It's Easy To Find A Use For It. I Give This Product A Five-star Rating Based On Price, Design, Function, Packaging And Ease Of Use. I Recommend This To Anyone That Wants A Well Made Bottle With A Nice Design That Is Versatile With A Lot Of Different Beverages. Available On Amazon For ONLY $34.99 Http:// #pumeli #teainfuser **I Received This Product In Exchange For My 100% Honest And Unbiased Review**
Charnita Fance Charnita Fance  

This Is Such A Cute Combo From Pumeli! You Get A Very Good Quality Tea Infuser Bottle (double Wall Insulated Glass) And A Little Package Of Loose Leaf Tea! The Perfect Duo. ☕
Clint & Wendy Asbell Clint & Wendy Asbell  

Brew Your Tea In The Bottle! I Love The Concept On This Because It Lets You Put The Tea In Pour The Water In And Then You're Mobile. No Waiting For The Tea To Steep! This Lets Me Drink Healthy Tea And Stay Active While Caring For My Seven Children And Our Farm. This Arrived Packaged In A Sturdy Cardboard Box Which Kept It Save And Secure While Being Shipped. Around The Cardboard Is A Pretty Sleeve With The Company Logo And Product Name With Care And Use Guidelines. I Really Appreciated Seeing The Best By Date Which Let Me Know The Ingredients Were Fresh. The Mouth Of The Bottle Is Wide Enough To Pour And Place Tea Easily. The Stainless Steel Infuser Has A Handle Which Makes It Easy To Get In And Out. There Is A Seal That Goes Between The Cap And The Bottle To Prevent Leakage. The Hand Strap On The Cap Makes It Very Convenient To Carry. I Attached Mine To The Outside Of My Duffel Bag With A Small Carabiner I Found In A Dollar Store. I Was Offered This Product For Free In Exchange For My Honest Thoughts About It. I Am Impressed With The Design And The Construction Of The Bottle And Enjoyed The Tea That Came With It. The Glass Means It Is Very Sanitary With No Harmful Chemicals Leaching Into Your Tea. I Am Very Pleased With My Interactions With This Business And Look Forward To Seeing What Else They Have To Offer. Https://
April Long April Long  

The Pumeli Tea Capsule With Removable Tea Strainer Contains Everything You Need For Teatime On The Go. It's The Ideal Way To Simplify Your Morning Routine. Let's Be Honest, No One Wants To Deal With A Wet Tea Bag First Thing In The Morning. Messy, Dripping Single-use Tea Bags Create Waste That On...
Tashia Asher Tashia Asher  

This Review Is From: Portable Tea Infuser Water Bottle By Pumeli With Hibiscus Tea - 1 Set (Misc.) I Love Hot Tea. Nothing Is Better Than A Cup Of Earl Grey Tea On A Rainy Day. I Love To Sit Under The Umbrella Out In The Yard, In A Rainstorm, With My Hot Tea. It Never Fails, That I Get Floaters In My Cup. No Matter How Fine My Screen Is, I End Up With Floaters. Perhaps I Need To Screen The Entire Cup Of Tea To Avoid The Floaters. I Now Can Do Just That. I Bought This Infuser To Eliminate The Floaters By Straining The Tea As I Pour It Ink My Mug. Its All Included Into One Set Up. I Make My Tea And Strain In Out Of The Same Bottle. The Glass Jar Maintains The Temperature Of My Tea. You Do Need To Be Careful Because The Glass Does Get Hot. The Inside Diffuser Screen Is A Steel Basket With A Loop To Grab Onto. ..again, Its Metal So Boiling Water Will Get It Hot. The Kid Has A Thick Rubber Gasket So It Creates A Water Tight Fitting. No Leaks Here. Its Able To Make My Perfect Cup Of Tea, And I Can Take It With Me Too. Loving My New Portable Tea Infuser. Bottle Glass, Top Metal, No Plastic Anywhe I Was Given A Discount In Exchange For An Ho Eat Review. I Consider Quality Of Materiasls, Workmanship, Safety, And Ease Of Use. I Appreciate All Questions And Comments. Thank You For Reading My Opinion.
Jana McDonald Jana McDonald  

Love This Petal And Blooms Tea And The Infuser Bottle From Pumeli. I Love Smelling The Tea As Much As Drinking It
Emily Gartland Emily Gartland  

The Pumeli Tea Capsule With Removable Tea Strainer Contains Everything You Need For Teatime On The Go. It's The Ideal Way To Simplify Your Morning Routine. Let's Be Honest, No One Wants To Deal With A Wet Tea Bag First Thing In The Morning. Messy, Dripping Single-use Tea Bags Create Waste That On...
Tammy Lule Tammy Lule  

Portable Tea Infuser By Pumeli Is A On The Go Loose Tea Infuser That Has A Small Strainer To Place The Tea To Your Desired Taste. The Glass Bottle Is A Very High Quailty Thick Glass. I Love That This Is Portable Because I Love Tea With This Tea Infuser I Am Able To Take This To Work And Notdrink So Much Coffee, As Tea Is Way Healthier For Me. The Tea Infuser Comes With A Strap So You Can Hold Or Put It Around Your Hand Comfortably So You Don't Lose It. This Tea Infuser Also Screws Of Smoothly And The Filter Clicks In Place So The Loose Tea Will Not Fall In Your Drink And Make A Mess. The Tea This Infuse Came With Smells So Indulging And Taste Great. The Bag Of Tea Is The Right Size To Take On The Go And Will Last You A Good Week Or Two Depending On How Much Tea You Drink. I Love That This Portable Tea Infuser Makes It That Much Easier By Just Adding Some Loose Tea And Letting It Sit To You Desired Taste. Easy And Convenient Way For Me To Enjoy What I Love. This Infuser Bottle Is Very Well Made And Your Tea Does Stay Warm For A Good While With This Infuser. I Recieved This Product For Free For My Honest Review. I Would Definitely Recommend This Product To Others With The Great Aroma Smell And The Warmness Of The Tea Makes You Feel So Relaxed.