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Portable Tea Infuser Water Bottle & Tea Set

The Tea Capsule with removable tea strainer contains everything you need for teatime on the go.

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Portable Tea Infuser Water Bottle & Tea Set


1. Before you apply, please check that you meet the prerequisites of this campaign*

2. Once you're approved, we'll provide a coupon code that expires within 24-48 hours

3. Your coupon will enable you to choose the color/tea combo you prefer: Pink with Hibiscus tea or Yellow with Mint Green tea

About the Product:
Let's be honest, no one wants to deal with a wet tea bag first thing in the morning. Messy, dripping single-use tea bags create waste that only adds distraction to your relaxing tea ritual and commuting routine, so why use them? Start your day off right with a reusable, all-in-one tea set.

Simply add Tea + Water to the BPA and lead free insulated glass tumbler designed to get you quickly on your way. Need a healthy boost later in the day? Just add extra tea leaves or herbs inside the lid and relieve stress naturally with afternoon teatime.

With the one-step steeping system bundled with loose tea, you'll love how easy it is to start using this tea infuser bottle every day.

Other notes:
* If you're new and do not meet the prerequisites but feel like this is the perfect product for you, please feel free to send us a message about it using the message system and we'll take it into consideration.