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Meixx Kinya 3D Sleep Mask, Travel Mask

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Portable Bluetooth LED Lights With Stereo

3D SLEEPING EYESHADE: The ergonomic and 3D design fits perfectly to the facial contours and preserves your makeup of face and eyes while you taking a nap.
AIR-PERMEABLE SPONGE: It’s comfortable and air-permeable and brings zero irritation in contact with skin. It ensures your high-quality naps during work breaks, good rests in travel and relaxing morning sleeps at home.
SILKY FABRIC: The exquisite fabric of the eyeshade feels smooth and avoids deformation or cracks even after long time use.
LIGHT WEIGHT: The merely 16g eyeshade brings no pressure onto eyeballs, relieves the eye fatigue and makes your sleep more comfortable. It is easy to carry for travel, yoga practice or meditation.
ADJUSTABLE LENGTH: The eyeshade adopts super long Velcro tape which does not cling to the hair and its length is adjustable.