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Poqswim Psc3800 Adjustable Unisex Adult Non Fogging Anti-uv Swimming Goggles Promotion

Poqswim brings you a full line of cool, sleek, high quality prescription goggles. No more foggy lenses! No more breaks or tears in the middle of the season!

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Poqswim Psc3800 Adjustable Unisex Adult Non Fogging Anti-uv Swimming Goggles

*LEMON ZESTER WITH SUPER SHARP STAINLESS STEEL BLADE; North Chef's 8" long blade works as the ultimate orange zester or chocolate grater, getting the job done in no time. The microplane-styled blade comes with a plastic cover protector, preventing accidental cuts during storage.

*NON SLIP GRIP AND RUBBERIZED FEET; this lemon zester may be very sharp, but it's equally as safe. The BPA-free non slip handle ensures that you have perfect control and the rubberized feet offer even more grip while protecting your surfaces in the process.

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