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Pop's Gourmet Jerky Promotion

Enjoy one of the best tasting beef jerky meats that you will find on Amazon, with no nitrates, no MSG and 2/3 less sodium than typical brands.

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Pop's Gourmet Jerky

Enjoy one of the best tasting beef jerky meats that you will find on Amazon, with no nitrates, no MSG and 2/3 less sodium than typical brands. All without sacrificing an amazing chew!

This promotion is for Pop's BBQ Mesquite flavor -- a smoky, slightly sweet flavor with just a tiny hint of spice. Enjoy!

Christina Sanders Christina Sanders  

This Pop's Famous Gourmet Beef Jerky - Premium Beef (Original Flavor) was so yummy!! They had big chucks, quality beef jerky, and so yummy!! I LOVED it!! I will see definitely be getting more soon!! Mmmmmhmmmm!!
Alexandra Scrimgeour Alexandra Scrimgeour  

Lois Jones Lois Jones  

Pop's Famous Gourmet Beef Jerky deserves to be famous. This product is excellent!
Kayla Sansom Kayla Sansom  

This is some of the best jerky I have ever had! I have seen teriyaki by other store brands, but never orange teriyaki. This is so good it is worth sharing.
Linda Baker Linda Baker  

Pop's jerky is so much better than the stuff you get in the grocery store. I ordered the honey pepper, it has a sweet start with a warm finish, these are big chunks of meat that have been smoked to perfection. There are no nitrates, no MSG, and 2/3 less sodium than your typical brands. The chewing flavor starts out with a bit of sweetness and is followed by a slightly more intense heat flavor, and the light natural meat flavor, more into the chew I noticed the peppery burn. Honey pepper seems to hold up to that claim, its very sweet for one, and very peppery. I received this product at a discounted rate in return for my unbiased opinion.
Irene Rozp Irene Rozp  

Received this yummy honey pepper beef jerky highly discounted to review.
Eliza Sophia Eliza Sophia  

#popsgourmetjerky Orange teriyaki flavor. The meat is soft and moist ;^) It's good but has a weird after taste. #review #jerky #beefjerky #food #teriyaki #amazon
Kristin Staton Kristin Staton  

This was some darn good #jerky #popsfamousgourmetbeefjerky #productreview
Keegan Zuk Keegan Zuk  

Mmmm.... Fancy health food jerky from Amazon #popsgourmetjerky
Robyn Holland Robyn Holland  

This review is for the Pop's Famous Gourmet Beef Jerky - Premium Beef (3 Oz Bag) (Barbecue Mesquite). I was embarrassed by how quickly I inhaled this package of Beef Jerky; I barely came up for air. I found the beef to be very tender and seasoned well. It was not overly salty and had a nice ‘chew’ to it. I have had some Beef Jerky that seems like it was either overcooked or it may have been full of beef tendons because I could not chew it at all. This Beef Jerky by Pop’s Famous is a refreshing change. If you have a Beef Jerky lover in the family you should seriously consider purchasing for them. It is a thoughtful gift that will be greatly appreciated. They do a great job with their Jerky! I received this item for free/discount to give an unbiased and honest review. I was not paid or compensated to review the product. My reviews are based upon my experience while using the product. My comments are based upon the overall product performance. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission 16 CFR Part 255: Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsement and Testimonials in Advertising. If you have any questions please let me know. I will answer to the best of my ability.
Ana Vazquez Ana Vazquez  

For all you beef jerky lovers you have to try this brand! It's so good! #popsgourmetjerky
Jason Fleming Jason Fleming  

Bre Budzyn Bre Budzyn  

Unfortunately this jerry package is horrible. The zipper ripped right in half on the first time it was opened! But other than that it's fantastic!
Nesca Crespo Nesca Crespo  

Pop's Gourmet Beef Jerky in Honey Pepper flavor tastes so delicious. My kids ate it up quickly. This is so much more natural tasting compared to a lot of other beef jerky out there. I totally recommend it! You can buy Pop's jerky on Amazon. #jerky #beefjerky #beef #gourmet #honey #pepper #honeypepper #yummy #amazon #snack #tasty
Christina Ph Christina Ph  

Pop's Famous Gourmet Beef Jerky is made with high care and precision by marinating solid strips of premium grade steak in a vacuum tumbler. Then, after all of the fat and moisture has been removed, the meat. Following that, the glorious strips of jerky are soaked for 24 hours and slow-cooked in a specialized custom oven. The Orange Teriyaki flavored jerky was so delicious that my family devoured it all within 10 minutes. It was so sweet and moist while adding a slight spicy kick! I would highly recommend it! Can’t wait to try the other flavors. You can look at the beef jerky at:
Julie Whitson Julie Whitson  

Omg!! This is the softest and most flavorful #jerky I've tried in awhile #ad #calijulzsays #foodblogger
Stacy Tilton Stacy Tilton  

Love the flavor of this Honey Pepper jerky, my whole family loves it! #amazonreview
Danielle Gonzales Danielle Gonzales  

Delicious Beef Jerky! No preservatives!
Laura Smith Laura Smith  

Pop's Famous Gourmet Beef Jerky - Premium Beef
Kari Creed Kari Creed  

#popsgourmetjerky it's amazing!!!
Bree Courtney Bree Courtney  

@popsjerky This stuff is delicious and addicting! Great flavor, texture and it's #nitratefree and #preservativefree! #review #deepdiscount #beefjerky #jerky #popsgourmetjerky Check it out: HTTPS://
Chris Ashley Chris Ashley  

This might be my new favorite snack. I have always love jerkey by Orange Teryaki? Boom.
Melissa Ramos Melissa Ramos  

My husband loved this jerky. I did not. I feel that there is too much orange flavor and it is over powering. #ad #gotadiscount
Brian Roth Brian Roth  

Pops beef jerky - smoky sweet taste and great beef jerky! I would highly recommend it! Wish I could have had more as my family devoured it! Slight kick at the end! #popsgourmetjerky
Diana Flores Diana Flores  

Another great jerkey i got to try for free and review it. It wasnt the best in texture or size but great seasoning.