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Ponytail Holders And Hair Bows For Girls Promotion

Soft ponytail holders will not break hair and will hold even when wet.

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Ponytail Holders And Hair Bows For Girls

Soft ponytail holders will not break hair and will hold even when wet. After swimming hair care is so much easier when there are no tangles because the hair was held in place. Cascade the ponytails down the back of the head for girls on the swim team who really don't want to have short hair.

Set includes 2 pink & turquoise grosgrain ribbon covered medium size 3 inch alligator clips and 2 small 1.5 inch snap clips. Keep Hair In Place with turquoise & pink alligator and snap clips that work for thick, thin or baby fine hair. Hair won't break and clips stay put so they don't slip and fall out so easily. No more tangles when hair it isn't blowing everywhere, and that makes for far fewer tears when brushing girls' hair. It is easy to get your girls to sit still while fixing and styling their hair when they know it won't be painful because the bands are no-tangle and the clips and snaps won't pull.

Go easy on your toddlers' hair with snap clips that hold baby fine hair in place painlessly. Longer, thicker hair will stay put with the alligator clips and Grandma's favorite complaint, "keeping the hair out of the food" will be a thing of the past. Moms can quickly get a child's hair out of the way with no pulling or fussing. Even the wiggliest ones can sit still long enough to get these soft ponytail holders put in place. Best of all,