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PLAGENTRA Family Intensive Care Cream For Eczema, Psoriasis And Dry Skin Promotion

An intensive moisturizer that not only treats but helps remedy sensitive skin- No.1 Skin Care Brand in Korea (FDA Approved)

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PLAGENTRA Family Intensive Care Cream For Eczema, Psoriasis And Dry Skin

An Intensive Moisturizer That Not Only Treats But Helps Remedy Sensitive Skin

- No.1 Skin Care Brand In Korea (Fda Approved)
- Forms Multilayered Protective Barrier For The Skin
- Includes Patented Ginseng Callose Culture Extracts And Pga
- Keeps Skin Healthy Through Non-irritating, Moisturizing, And Strengthening Comprehensive Care
- No Hazardous Ingredients: Steroid, Parabens, Phenoxyethanol, Artificial Colors, Alcohol, Or Mineral Oil

Rosy Martinez-White Rosy Martinez-White  

This Intensive Care cream by Plagentra has worked wonders on my dry spots. Thankfully this winter hasn't been as harsh as usual, so my skin isn't as dry as it normally is. I didn't get a "before" photo of the super dry spot on my forearm, but as you can see in the photo my skin is smooth with no issues. It's a very light & pleasant scent that absobs completely & quickly into your skin. A little goes a long way for this cream, so I'm very excited to keep using this.