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Plagentra Baby Suncity Cream Promotion

A high performance sunblock for infants and children that blocks city pollutants and ultraviolet rays.

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Plagentra Baby Suncity Cream

A high performance sunblock for infants and children that blocks city pollutants and ultraviolet rays

- Natural Sunscreen, 2.11 Ounce
- SPF 36 / PA++
- Powder-in-Gel System minimizes skin irritation
- Contains no hazardous ingredients such as parabens, Phenoxyethanol, synthetic fragrances, alcohol, or Benzophenone
- Main ingredients: Titanium dioxide, PGA, Vitamin C Derivatives
- FDA Approved

Keri Picolla Keri Picolla  

#babylilykat Is So Good About Letting Mama Put Her Sunblock On Before Our Daily Walk With #milotheorangedog #protectingthatbabyskin #spf36 #plagentrausa #plagentra #noparabens Https://
Philipp Gergen Philipp Gergen  

Sandy Davis Sandy Davis  

What Attracted Me To This Sunscreen Was The Advertisement Of "natural Suncreen". It Is Not However, A "natural Sunscreen". While The Ingredient List Does Include Some Natural Ingredients, It Is Still Mostly Made Up Of Harsh Chemicals And Unnatural Ingredients. That Said, Most Of Us Use A Regular Sunblock Cream And Lather It Up To Protect Ourselves From Harmful UV Rays And It Isn't Natural Either. From My Daughter: I Have Very Sensitive Skin And I Also Have An Infant Who I'm Very Particular About What I Put On His Skin. When I Was Younger, I Used To Only Be Able To Use Prescription Sunscreens And I've Grown Out Of That Factor Since Then -- I Can Now Use Most Baby Sunscreens. But Some Still Cause My Skin Irritation If I Sweat Or Wear Them Too Long. Because Of My Experience, I Try Everything Out On My Own Skin Before I Even Think About Applying It To His This Sunscreen Has Caused Absolutely No Irritation For Both Myself And My Son. I Love The Fact That Many Of The Igredients Are Natural And Work Together So Well To Not Only Protect Sensitive Skin From The Sun, But Also Keep Sensitive Skin From Being Irritated. Like All Sunscreens, It Needs To Be Reapplied Every Few Hours. Make Sure Your Skin Is Dry And Rub It In Well, And Don't Forget To Allow Your Skin A Few Minutes To Absorb It Before Getting Wet.The Only Downside Is That It Has A Short Lifespan In Relation To Expiration Date -- BUT I Believe This Isn't A Bad Trade-off To Have Something That Works So Well While Also Being Mostly Natural. Https://
Sandy Davis Sandy Davis  

What attracted me to this sunscreen was the advertisement of "natural suncreen". It is not however, a "natural sunscreen". While the ingredient list does include some natural ingredients, it is still mostly made up of harsh chemicals and unnatural ingredients. That said, most of us use a regular sunblock cream and lather it up to protect ourselves from harmful UV Rays and it isn't natural either. From my daughter: I have very sensitive skin and I also have an infant who I'm very particular about what I put on his skin. When I was younger, I used to only be able to use prescription sunscreens and I've grown out of that factor since then -- I can now use most baby sunscreens. But some still cause my skin irritation if I sweat or wear them too long. Because of my experience, I try everything out on my own skin before I even think about applying it to his This sunscreen has caused absolutely no irritation for both myself and my son. I love the fact that many of the igredients are natural and work together so well to not only protect sensitive skin from the sun, but also keep sensitive skin from being irritated. Like all sunscreens, it needs to be reapplied every few hours. Make sure your skin is dry and rub it in well, and don't forget to allow your skin a few minutes to absorb it before getting wet.The only downside is that it has a short lifespan in relation to expiration date -- BUT I believe this isn't a bad trade-off to have something that works so well while also being mostly natural.
Keri Picolla Keri Picolla  

#babylilykat is so good about letting Mama put her sunblock on before our daily walk with #milotheorangedog. #spf36 #plagentrausa #plagentra #noparabens
Shannan Irish Shannan Irish  

I decided to purchase this because I have a toddler prone to the occasional sun burn. As a nurse I am familiar with a lot of the sun blocking products out there. I was impressed with this because it effectively provides sun blocking without leaving a greasy type residue. It also smells nice & is made of all nutural vegetable extract products. I appreciate that it is especially designed to safely use on babies. A little bit seems to go a long way so this tube will last quite a while. I like the cute container & feel this would be a great gift for anyone with a baby or child. I was happy to be chosen to receive this at a discount in exchange for my honest review. Overall - I highly recommend & feel the current price is a total deal & worth the money because it does exactly what it claims to do
Shannan Irish Shannan Irish  

Https:// I Decided To Purchase This Because I Have A Toddler Prone To The Occasional Sun Burn. As A Nurse I Am Familiar With A Lot Of The Sun Blocking Products Out There. I Was Impressed With This Because It Effectively Provides Sun Blocking Without Leaving A Greasy Type Residue. It Also Smells Nice & Is Made Of All Nutural Vegetable Extract Products. I Appreciate That It Is Especially Designed To Safely Use On Babies. A Little Bit Seems To Go A Long Way So This Tube Will Last Quite A While. I Like The Cute Container & Feel This Would Be A Great Gift For Anyone With A Baby Or Child. I Was Happy To Be Chosen To Receive This At A Discount In Exchange For My Honest Review. Overall - I Highly Recommend & Feel The Current Price Is A Total Deal & Worth The Money Because It Does Exactly What It Claims To Do.