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Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Awareness Ankle / Crew Socks For Women Promotion

Take your pick at a variety of our Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Support socks at 60% off and Show your support for an important cause!

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Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Awareness Ankle / Crew Socks For Women

97% polyester, 2% spandex, and 1% elastic

Boldly show your support for victims and their families with these high quality pink ribbon socks. Made of 97% breathable polyester with the perfect spandex stretch. Ideal for fundraising marathons and events.

Support Breast Cancer Patients by Spreading Awareness to the Cause. Non- Profit research campaigns help raise money for cancer research and support services that is vital in the fight against breast cancer. Pink Ribbon athletic socks are a great way to show solidarity and hope for a cure.

Size 9-11 fits most women with shoe size 4-10. Machine wash and tumble dry with like colors.
Choose the style that’s right for you! Available in ankle length with pink ribbon on the band, or bold crew socks in assorted pink and black styles. Wear them with pride at your next fundraising event!

Breast Cancer Awareness month is almost here, get your team ready with these inspirational pink ribbon sports socks . 12 pairs of great quality socks at the lowest prices, just right for your next event. Inspirational pink ribbon socks are great for sports teams and cheerleading squads to show their support on the field