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Photo Shoot Selfie Ring Light Clip Promotion

Ideal for for creative photography or video.

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Photo Shoot Selfie Ring Light Clip

QIAYA 36-LED-Bulbs Phone Light for Selfie, is a Fashion Style Mobile Phone Accessory, mini-sized, mainly Clip or Hand-hold to use, as led lights battery powered, providing supplemental or side lighting for photography, especially for Young People Selfie, in Low Weak Light or Night conditions. It also can be used as Torch, Emergency Light, or, Using as Swing Bright Ring Light during Vocal Concert or Christmas Party. When in Beds Reading your Phone Screen, it can be use as a Night Reading Lamp, the LED light can Help Protect our Eye Sight from Harmness of Blueray. It is really a beautiful Impressive Gift to Girl Friends, Buddies, and yourself.[Applicable to So Many Phones or Laptop with Camera]The Selfie Ring Light can open maximum 12mm to Clip onto fixed place or Seflie Devices:

1) iPhone 6s/5/5c/5s/ android/ Samsung/ phone/galaxy 4 note, iPad, Blackberry, Samsung Galaxy, Motorola Droid and more
2) Camera and the back camera of the device,
3) Laptops.

[LED Quality]It Contains 36 pieces LED Light bulbs, Row in Ring Shape, Offers 3 Optional Levels Brightness,by Pressing onto easy-touch Button, the Quality Led keep No heat, No heating, Lifetime Warranty.
Diameter: 3.3 Inches,
Thickness: 1.1 Inches, Max. Clip Opening: 12mm
Net Weight: 1 oz
Power Supply: by adding 2 AAA Battery [not included in the shipment]
[Package Contents]
Manual paper, the LED Light, the Pack BoxEnjoy your fun with this Lovely LED light, for creative photography or video immediately now! What I am eager to do, is, to 【Add to Cart】,to pay today, or decide to pay tomorrow!