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Phoenix Outdoor Spring Steel Stick For Self Defense Promotion

Full steel made, heavy duty & durable with comfortable foam handle.

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Phoenix Outdoor Spring Steel Stick For Self Defense

✔ Open Length:18.9 inch. Close Length:8 inch. Weight:0.8 pound
✔ Full Steel Made, Heavy Duty & Durable. With Comfortable Foam Handle.
✔ To Retract Extended Tool, Just Strike Tip On Solid Surface Vertically
✔ Great tool for Driving Dog Away
✔ Ship From Chino California By USPS, Shipping Time Is Within 3-5 days

Product Features:
Open Length: 18.9 inch
Close Length: 8 inch
Weight: 0.8 pound
Material: Alloy Steel
Handle Material: Environment Friendly Foam

Please swing it twice when extended, also as quickly as you can!!
So it can deploy at extended size, or it won't be locked well.
To retract, please strike Tip (end of the stick) on Solid Surface Vertically, very easy.

Video Tutorial: