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Party Funnel Promotion

The Party Funnel Beer Bong is the perfect beer bong for a party or fun event.

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Party Funnel

The PARTY FUNNEL BEER BONG can hold up to 5 cans of the 12 ounce beverage of your choosing. The funnel holds up to 64 oz of beverage with a patented valve at the end of the high quality tube to ensure the most amount of liquid retains in the Ultimate Party Funnel until it is time to open the valve. Very easy to use due to the easy open valve. The Party Funnel Beer Bong is the perfect beer bong for a party or fun event. Funnel on the Party Funnel Beer Bong is approximately 2ft (24 inches) in length.

PARTY FUNNEL BEER BONG is the perfect thing to bring to a Party, BBQ, Spring Break, and River Trip. Show up at an event with the Party Funnel Beer Bong and you will immediately be the hit of the party! Party Tip: Poor the beverage down the side of the funnel to control the pour and limit the amount of foam and fizz that is created when the beverage is poured in the funnel.

Colors: Red Funnel w/Black Tube