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Paperless Pour Over Coffee Filter By CoffeeBrew Promotion

Stop compromising your brew's quality by using commercial paper filters or coffee pods, which keep you from experiencing the true depth of flavor and aroma hidden within each coffee blend.

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Paperless Pour Over Coffee Filter By CoffeeBrew

Brew Coffee Like A Pro With CoffeeBrew's Pour Over Dripper! All coffee aficionados deserve to be able to enjoy the full spectrum of coffee taste and flavor, at the comfort of their own home! We are proud to present you with the best brewing accessory, which will revolutionize your coffee preparation ritual! The Best Cup, Each And Every Time Revel in consistent brews and prepare yourself for an otherworldly drinking experience. Brewing with our pour over dripper will expand your palate and tingle your olfactory receptors, providing you with an unparalleled, multisensory cup of coffee! Stainless Steel: Where Beauty Meets Functionality Our dripper is sure to compliment your kitchen and any coffee carafe you choose to place it on. Due to its meticulous mesh design, it's made to last, providing you with clear, bold brews, for life! Cleanliness & Efficiency This dripper's durable stand and base facilitates its use and makes it your perfect accessory for hassle-free brewing, at home or during travel. Once you're finished - simply add it to your dishwasher load and you'll be ready for your next brew. Bid Adieu To Paper & Pods This dripper is the last brewing tool you will ever need, as its expert, double layer filter will cover all your brewing needs. Tips & Tricks Not sure how to use our dripper? Worry not. We provide you with all the necessary info to make the most out of your new, indispensable brewing accessory! A Coffee Lover's Favorite CoffeeBrew's modern pour over dripper makes for a prime gift to the coffee connoisseur in your life, at any special occasion. What Are You Waiting For, Then? Click Add To Cart Before We Run Out Of Stock!