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Outdoor Beach Blanket By Fjord Prov Promotion

Portable, durable and huge beach blanket for the perfect day at the beach, or the ideal outdoors excursion.

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Outdoor Beach Blanket By Fjord Prov

Outdoor Beach Blanket By Fjord Pro - HUGE 7' x 9' Feet Dimensions - The Oversized, Sandproof & Highly Durable Nylon Beach Mat For The Whole Family - 6+1 Sand Pockets - Fjord Pro, Quality Beach Accessories

Fjord Pro offers you the portable, durable and HUGE beach blanket for the perfect day at the beach, or the ideal outdoors excursion.

BIGGER in size and with the BIGGEST storage capability than other average beach mats, this mat will be your favorite, go-to beach/ outdoor accessory.

Deluxe Family Size & Storage Capability

With a whopping 7Т x 9Т size, you simply won't need anything more. Fit the whole family and enjoy the luxurious space and comfort you never had!

Plus, with 6 sandbags that can be used as sand anchors or dedicated storage spots and an EXTRA Velcro bag for putting your beach accessories, this beach blanket is simply unbeatable in the practicality department!

Premium Durable Build

Our beach blanket is made of 100% durable, breathable and lightweight Nylon. This is a guarantee that the blanket will accommodate you and your family or friends for years on end!

Furthermore, the Nylon build will save you a ton of hassle as it is sand-proof! With just a simple shake, all sand is gone and youТre ready to go!

Not Just A Beach Accessory!

Our premium outdoor blanket is made for you to use on any picnic, hiking, camping trip or outdoors excursion!

The durable build and huge size will provide you with the luxurious, comfortable sitting space, anywhere you need it!