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Otium® Bluetooth Headphones CSR V4.1 Wireless Sport Earbuds Promotion

Allows Skip/Play/Pause on all your music tracks as well as all phone use without reaching your phone.

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Otium® Bluetooth Headphones CSR V4.1 Wireless Sport Earbuds

★SUPERIOR SOUND QUALITY: State of the Bluetooth V4.1+EDRs with extra heavy bass, noise cancelling technology reduces background noise enhance your sound experience.

★MOST POWERFUL BATTERY: Charges in 2 hours and provides 6-10 hours of continuous using. The headphone battery status will be automatically displayed on your Phone screen.

★UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY : Simple, fast and super easy pairing with your bluetooth devices.

★UNBELIEVABLE COMFORT, SECURE FIT: The Bluetooth headset with custom designed earhooks designed to stay in place and not fall out even under the most extreme conditions.

★WITH EASY TO USE BUTTONS Allows Skip/Play/Pause on all your music tracks as well as all phone use without reaching your phone.

David Snipe David Snipe  

Talk about dope #bluetoothheadphones The CSR V4.1's from Otium ROCK! Get a pair here:
Samantha Hester Samantha Hester These otium Bluetooth headphones are comfy and have 8 hours of play time, they take less than 2 hours to charge
Amol Garg Amol Garg  

★★★★★ – Otium CSR V4.1 Bluetooth Headphones Check it out ($29.99): Review:
Hshfhsf Ghdfhfsdh Hshfhsf Ghdfhfsdh  

These Bluetooth headphones are the best! Check them out here!
Voleta Casborn Voleta Casborn  

My new Bluetooth headphones are so cool! I use them to talk on the phone and listen to music! They are sweat proof and comfortable #optium
Jessieca Waters Jessieca Waters  

Got my #Otium headphones in, HD sound and connect 2phones. buy yours
Dr DK Dr DK  

Great B;uetooth earphones for the price
Allison Fisher Allison Fisher  

Got some new bluetooth headphones to use when I work out. Check them out.
David Berger David Berger  

Otium Beats Bluetooth headphones. Very handy for a reasonable cost.
Kyle Morris Kyle Morris  

Review: Otium Sport Bluetooth Headphones -
Steven Weed Steven Weed  

Check out these awesome Sport 4.1 Bluetooth Earbuds Sweatproof w Mic Bass Noise Cancelling
Tammy Lule Tammy Lule  

Optium beats bluetooth headphones sounds very well with a cool modern design.Easy to use you dont have to plug in phone. Got it discounted
Sandra Denkins Sandra Denkins  

Otium® Bluetooth Headphones CSR V4.1 Wireless Sport Earbuds SUPERIOR SOUND QUALITY,UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY WITH EASY TO USE sold on Amazon
Nichol Tone Nichol Tone  

I love these Otium Headphones such great sound quality and sweat proof great for working out
Sarah Kremer Sarah Kremer  

Love my Optium Bluetooth Headphones! So much better than old school ear buds
Jenn Roberts Jenn Roberts  

Check it out! The perfect headphones to hit the barn with (cleaning stalls is better with music)
Jennifer Racut Jennifer Racut  

Nice #bluetoothheadphones for the gym. No annoying microphone piece weighing you down.
Alexis Smith Alexis Smith  

Just got these in the mail! Great price, they look good and I can finally listen to music while I ride my horse!