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Organic Stevia Extract Powder Promotion

Isolated from Stevia rebaudiana plant, standardized to 80% Rebaudiana-A.

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Organic Stevia Extract Powder

100% USDA Organic Stevia Extract Powder There are many different compounds found in the stevia plant. Ours is a purified version, standardized to 80% Rebaudiana-A. Rebaudiana is the least bitter of all the sugar glycosides found in stevia.

Roughly 300x sweeter than cane sugar, our stevia extract is a great, no calorie, 100% natural sugar substitute! This campaign is for our 4 ounce bag of Stevia, good for roughly 45 servings (1 teaspoon per serving)

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About the Product

100% USDA Organic Stevia Extract Powder
Isolated from Stevia rebaudiana plant, standardized to 80% Rebaudiana-A
Roughly 300x sweeter than cane sugar, a little goes a long way with our stevia sweetener!
4 ounce bag, roughly 50 servings (1 teaspoon); 8 ounce bag, 100 servings
PACKAGING: Heat-sealed and re-closeable bag to retain its freshness, 30 Day Money Back GUARANTEED

Karen Nelson Karen Nelson  

As A Means To Of Decreasing My Sugar Intake, I Have Been Trying Stevia In My Coffee And To Sweeten Other Beverages. Https://
David Hagen David Hagen  

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Tiffeny Monson Tiffeny Monson  

The Stevia Plant Has Been Used For Some Time Now As A Natural Alternative Sweetener. There Are Many Different Compounds Found In The Stevia Plant. Ours Is A Purified Version, Standardized To 80% Rebaudiana-A. Rebaudiana Is The Least Bitter Of All The Sugar Glycosides Found In Stevia. Our Powdered...
Tashia Asher Tashia Asher  

@naturerestore #naturerestore #stevia I've Never Tried Stevia Before But Was Told About It By A Friend. I've Been Trying To Change Mine And My Husbands Diet To A More Healthier Options And To Be Supportive To Good Health. He Just Went Through Cancer Treatment And Well I'm No Spring Chicken Anymore Either. Unfortunately Sugar Is My Demon. I Love Sugar. I Love Sweet Candy, Rolls, Cake, Anything That Tingles My Sweet Tooth. I Finally Tried Stevia For The First Time. Of Course I Stuck My Whole Finger In The Bag And Stuck It In My Mouth Fully Coated.. I Would Recommend You Don't Do That. Eeee wwwwwwwww. I Thought It Would Be Overpowering Sweet, But It Wasn't What I Expected. I Tasted Bitterness. Like I Said, Don't Do That. I Kept Trying So Stay With Me. I Then Took A Smidget On The Handle Of The Spoon And Added It To My Hot Black Coffee. Did You Hear That? The Chimes From Heaven? The Music Filled My Ears On The First Sip. Yes It Was A Glorious Experience. Never, Never, Never Will I Have My Morning Coffee With Anything But Stevia Ever Again. Such A Pure Sweetness Blended Perfectly With The Coffee. Oh My, I'm In Heaven. I Will Be Experimenting With So Many More Uses With Stevia. A Whole New World Has Opened Up With Stevia In My Life. Thank You For Such Purity. I Was Given A Discount For An Honest Review. I Appreciate Any Comments Or Questions. Thank You For Reading My Opinion.
Tristan Luciotti Tristan Luciotti  

I Am DONE!!! I Will Finish My Reviews I Am DONE!!! I Will Finish My Reviews!!  

After Reading Stevia Has No Side Effects Compared With Other Sweeteners And Also Many Types Of Sugar, I Switched To This Product Nature Restore , Feeling Self Assured By It. My Experience Thus Far Is Total Satisfaction. It Tastes Good And The Smallest Amount Is All You Need, Less Than 1/8th Tsp. It’s That Sweet. I Use This Product For All My Daily Sweetener Needs (sweetens Teas, Bitter Coffee Becomes Yummy, Etc.), And It Works Well For Any Baking Or Cooking. Sometimes I Do Add A Bit Of Honey In Cooking, But Not Much If At All. This Company~ Nature Restore, Is Very Patient And Understanding To The Public's Needs And Wants! Any Questions OR Concerns.. They Will Have Answers For You!! I Stand By What They Produce And I Am Now A Fan!! Happily I Was Chosen To Review This Product! I Received This Product At A Discounted Rate From Seller In Return For An Honest And Unbiased Review. This Review Is Of My Own Personal Opinion And Experience. My Opinion May Differ From Others As Everyone Experiences Products Differently. I Am Not Permitted To Give A False Review Or Have My Opinion Of The Product Swayed Due To The Discount Received. I Am Not Associated With The Seller.