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Organic Japanese Matcha Powder Promotion

De-stress, detox and relax the mind and body natural with pure matcha green tea powder from organic tea gardens in Japan.

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Organic Japanese Matcha Powder

Packed with antioxidants and used for centuries as a meditative aid by Zen monks, matcha green tea is an easy way to slow down, be in the moment and feel good inside and out.

Each 30 gram tin contains about a 1 month supply and is perfect for drinking hot or cold, mixed into lattes and smoothies or added to healthy and delicious recipes.

USDA ORGANIC MATCHA POWDER – Certified organic to USDA and JONA standards. Non-GMO, pure powder (no additives), and vegan friendly.

PREMIUM QUALITY CEREMONIAL GRADE MATCHA – Pure shade grown & stone ground tencha green tea from Japan.

CALMING RITUAL – Perfect for daily drinking. The high concentration of L-theanine in this ceremonial grade Japanese matcha helps calm the mind and relax the body while enhancing alertness naturally.

100% organic ingredients:

Tea: Green tea powder (tencha)
Origin: Kyoto, Japan