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Organic Coffee — Share It - Ground Coffee With Aphrodisiac Promotion

Organic coffee, low bitterness level, small batches, blessed beans, strong aphrodisiac effect

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Organic Coffee — Share It - Ground Coffee With Aphrodisiac

ORGANIC COFFEE - Grown on 4200 - 6000 ft altitude up in a mountains, in a shade of banana trees. Hand cultivated and pesticide and herbicide free plantation.

LOW BITTERNESS LEVEL - We use coffee roasting equipment which vacuum cleans after each roast to build mild taste during 6-8 minutes. Share IT roast.

SMALL BATCHES -guarantee you a 100% freshness of product.

BLESSED BEANS - Rabbi inspected and certified facility a 100% guarantee kosher product.

STRONG APHRODISIAC EFFECT - We added in coffee beans more elements with aphrodisiac effects. This element level was increased by our specialist to make our product unique and effective.

Share It Organic Coffee with Aphrodisiac with someone how’s in to coffee world. It’s a first dating coffee on the world which guarantee you enjoyment of taste mild, temper and successful roast. Coffee beans grown in perfect climate, hand cultivated fields, sprayed with rains and powered by sun energy coffee beans. Washed and traveled across the ocean lovely prepared for roasting. Vacuum roaster with high pressure burner makes a perfect mild roast in minutes. We developed a secret recipe of best roast temperature and time which makes increased level of caffeine. Aphrodisiac effect reached by drinking coffee feels right after first sip. You feel more energy and happiness after first cup. Use just a little sweets to make effect longer and more powerful.