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Organic Coconut Oil Capsules - 180 Softgels Promotion

Medium Chain triglycerides (MCT) in Coconut Oil increase metabolic function and are known to reduce blood triglycerides

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Organic Coconut Oil Capsules - 180 Softgels

What Is Coconut Oil?
Coconut Oil is an edible oil extracted from the meat of mature coconuts harvested from the Cocos nucifera (coconut palm) tree. It is extremely high (about 90%) in saturated fat of which about 50% is lauric acid.

How Does Coconut Oil Work?

Medium Chain triglycerides (MCT) in Coconut Oil increase metabolic function and are known to reduce blood triglycerides, promote weight loss, lead to greater satiety. Coconut oil is easy to digest and it supports the thyroid and endocrine system. It improves the body's ability to absorb minerals (such as calcium), which makes it extremely beneficial for good bone and teeth health. Lauric acid gives coconut oil significant immune system boosting abilities, being antibacterial and antifungal. Lauric acid helps to promote high cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

Benefits Of NutriONN Organic Coconut Oil

- Your immune system will be boosted, making it less likely to get sick.
- Improved digestion - say goodbye to bloated stomach!
- Healthy bones and teeth.
- Helping hand in weight loss and fat reduction.
- Effective help for skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis and even stretch marks.

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