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ORBLUE Spaghetti Pasta Measure Promotion

Measures dry pasta accurately to ensure correct serving size is cooked so none goes to waste.

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ORBLUE Spaghetti Pasta Measure

- Measures dry pasta accurately to ensure correct serving size is cooked so none goes to waste
- Quality tool is made from durable, rust-resistant stainless steel with no moving parts to break
- Just slide pasta into one of 4 holes to gauge correct portion size for kids, men, women & families
- Saves time & money by ensuring cooked pasta is just the right portion size for 1 to 4 people
- Compact - Dishwasher-safe - The ultimate kitchen gadget for gourmet cooks, chefs & dieters!

This handy measuring tool takes the guess-work out of determining how much spaghetti pasta to cook. See images above. It's made from stainless-steel and has no moving parts like some cheap, plastic models. It features 4 holes of various sizes: 1 - 65 grams (kids), 2 - 100 grams (women), 3 - 130 grams (men), 4 - 400 grams (four people). Simply slide your bundle of pasta into the hole that matches the portion size you need and voila! This quality pasta measure tool eliminates waste and helps save you money. It makes a great gift for pasta lovers, home cooks, dieters and professional chefs. Order yours today!

Savannah Ramey Savannah Ramey  

This Little Tool Is So Useful. You Can Stir The Pasta In The Pot With The Measure And Not Get Burned Because The Handle Is Pretty Long. The Measure Is Pretty Accurate So Far We Have Had The Perfect Amount Of Pasta Served Onto The Plate. This Serving Measure Comes In Handy For People Who Are Looking To Manage Portion Control For Diets Or Portions For Weekly Meal Preparations. The Tool Can Easily Be Cleaned. So Each Section Has A Little Meal Plan Symbol To Indicate The Proper Amount Of Noodles Needed For The Serving. This Helped Me Significantly Because I Always Seemed To Have Too Many Left Over Noodles When I Cooked For Myself. I Know Just Keep The Remaining Noodles That I Have Not Cooked In A Resealable Container For The Next Preparation Time. I Really Am Glad To Have This Tool In My Kitchen To Help Eliminate Waste And Save Me Money!
Jeremy Cox Jeremy Cox #pastameasurer Elegant tool for your kitchen
Ruby Bowen Ruby Bowen  

I Make Spaghetti For My Family Enough Times Each Month That You Would Think I Would Be An Expert At This Point With Eye-balling The Amount Of Pasta To Cook. This Is Not The Case. I Am Notorious For Over Or Under Cooking Portions And Am Often Left With Having To Give Less Than A Whole Serving Or Eventually Throw Away The Uneaten Leftover Dry Noodles (strangely I Never Over Or Under Measure The Meat Topping). I Purchased The Orblue Spaghetti Pasta Measure In Hopes Of Never Having This Problem Again And I Am So Glad I Did. I Love The Attention To Detail That Went Into The Design. The Stainless Steel Design Makes It Modern And Sturdy. The Length And Width Of The Handle Makes It Comfortable To Hold While Using. There Is A Hole At The Bottom That’s Perfect If You Hang Your Most Used Utensils On A Rack. My Favorite Design Feature Is The Etching Of Little Bowls To Identify The Portion Size (1-4 Portions) Instead Of Painted On Numbers. So I Made Spaghetti Tonight So I Could Try Out My New Gadget And It Works! I Didn’t Have A Single Left Over Noodle. Looking At It I Thought The Amount Of Pasta Measured Was Too Much For Two People But I Was Wrong (no Surprise There). There Wasn’t A Single Noodle Left For Once. After Dinner, I Used The Orblue Again To Make One Serving For Lunch Tomorrow And Again It Made The Perfect Serving! Definitely Worth The Purchase If You Never Want To Under Or Over Measure Your Pasta Again! I Received This Product At A Discount In Exchange For An Honest And Unbiased Review. Http://
Abigail Young Abigail Young  

Newest Review, Now Live On My Blog (, Which You Should Follow, By The Way. Who Even Knew Spaghetti Measures Were A Thing? Anyone Ever Used One? IS IT YOUR FAVORITE KITCHEN TOOL? (Get One Here And See What You're Missing: Https://
Elizabeth Starkey Elizabeth Starkey  

I Had The Opportunity To Try Out A New Pasta Measure Tool By ORBLUE - Check Out My Review: Http://
Tashia Asher Tashia Asher  

@pastameasure #pastameasure @orblue #orblue I'm A Hopeless Over Cooker. For A Meal For Two People, I'll Cook Enough For Six People. Its So Bad That My Husband Makes Jokesyo Other People About My Volume Cooking. I Use To Work In A Restaurant For Years And Its Ingrained To Never Cook Less Than Two Handfuls Of Pasta. My Husband Had Seen This Pasta Measure And Just Had To Buy It For Me. The Pasta Measuring Stick Gives Perfect Measurements For One, Two, Three, And Four Plated Dinner Servings Of Pastas. I Can Make The Right Amount Every Time Now. No More Eating Leftover Over Spaghetti For A Week. The Pasta Measure Is Flat And Slides In Under My Knives In The Drawer, Adding No Height At All Its Made From A High Quality Stainless Steel Making Cleaning A Snap. No Sharp Points And Spaghetti Fits Easily Into The Measuring Groove. Any Child Could Use This And Help With Dinner. My Husband Couldn't Be Happier And I Have A Lot More Room In My Refrigerator Too. I Was Given A Discount For An Honest Review. I Consider Workmanship, Quality Of Materials, Safety, And Ease Of Use. I Invite Any Comments Or Questions. Thank You For Reading My Opinion.
Linda Baker Linda Baker  

I Either Make Way Too Little Pasta Or I Have Made Enough For The Neighborhood But Now My Sunday Gravy Isn't Enough. With The ORBLUE Spaghetti Pasta Measurer You Can Measure Dry Pasta Accurately To Ensure The Correct Serving Size Is Cooked So No More Goes To Waste. It Is A Quality Too That Is Made From Durable, Rust Resistant Stainless Steel With Solid Piece Construction So No Moving Parts To Break. Just Slide The Pasta Into One Of The Four Holes To Measure How Much You Want, It Will Help You To Save Time And Money By Making Sure That The Cooked Pasta Is The Just The Right Amount From 1-4 People. It Hardly Takes Up Any Room And It Is Dishwasher Safe. I Like The High Quality Feel Of This Product, It Makes Me Think This Is Something That I Will Have In My Kitchen For A Long Time To Come. I Received This Product At A Discounted Rate In Return For My Unbiased Opinion. Https://
Victoria Smith Victoria Smith ORBLUE Spaghetti Pasta Measure
Nichole Garringer Nichole Garringer  

Have problems eyeballinng the correct amount of pasta pre cooking? This is your answer >> #homecook #pasta
Tashia Asher Tashia Asher  

#pastameasure #orblue. Fabulously tough. Get your at amazon
Ho Le Ho Le  

This Handy Measuring Tool Takes The Guess-work Out Of Determining How Much Spaghetti Pasta To Cook. See Images Above. It's Made From Stainless-steel And Has No Moving Parts Like Some Cheap, Plastic Models. It Features 4 Holes Of Various Sizes: 1 - 65 Grams (kids), 2 - 100 Grams (women), 3 - 130 G...
Tik Szeto Tik Szeto  

Jason Trenton Jason Trenton  

I love The Perfect Spaghetti Pasta Measure Device by #ORBLUE - No more wasting pasta! It's awesome!
Ruby Bowen Ruby Bowen  

Orblue spaghetti pasta measure. Worth the purchase if you never want to under/over cook pasta again! Avail on Amazon
Linda Baker Linda Baker  

Katherine Woodrum Katherine Woodrum This makes measuring spaghetti so much easier and a lot more fun. I am so glad that I found this wonderful tool
Abigail Young Abigail Young  

NEW REVIEW: Orblue Pasta Measure ( is even a thing? #weirdthingsamericansdo (buy at
Elizabeth Starkey Elizabeth Starkey  

I had the opportunity to try out a new pasta measure tool by ORBLUE - check out my review:
Jeremy Cox Jeremy Cox  

S:// … #pastameasurer Elegant Tool For Your Kitchen
Cheryl Gowler Perkins Cheryl Gowler Perkins  

This Handy Measuring Tool Takes The Guess-work Out Of Determining How Much Spaghetti Pasta To Cook. See Images Above. It's Made From Stainless-steel And Has No Moving Parts Like Some Cheap, Plastic Models. It Features 4 Holes Of Various Sizes: 1 - 65 Grams (kids), 2 - 100 Grams (women), 3 - 130 G...
Mandi Ellis Mandi Ellis  

#ORBLUE Spaghetti Pasta Measure- high quality kitchenware! *I got this product for free in exchange for an honest review
Nichole Garringer Nichole Garringer  

Have Problems Eyeballinng The Correct Amount Of Pasta Pre Cooking? This Is Your Answer >> Http:// #homecook #pasta
Savannah Ramey Savannah Ramey  

I really am glad to have this tool in my kitchen to help eliminate waste and save me money! No Left over noodles!!!
Tik Szeto Tik Szeto  

This Handy Measuring Tool Takes The Guess-work Out Of Determining How Much Spaghetti Pasta To Cook. See Images Above. It's Made From Stainless-steel And Has No Moving Parts Like Some Cheap, Plastic Models. It Features 4 Holes Of Various Sizes: 1 - 65 Grams (kids), 2 - 100 Grams (women), 3 - 130 G...
Jason Trenton Jason Trenton  

I Love The Perfect Spaghetti Pasta Measure Device By #ORBLUE - No More Wasting Pasta! It's Awesome!
Tiffeny Monson Tiffeny Monson  

This Quality Pasta Serving Spoon Is Made From Rust-proof Stainless Steel. See Images Above. It Features A Slotted Basket That Lets You Quickly Strain And Drain Boiling Water From Your Pasta Before Serving. The Metal Fork Tines Are Perfect For Twirling Noodles Quickly To Prevent Them From Slipping...
Katherine Woodrum Katherine Woodrum  

Https:// A Super Cool And Very Useful Spaghetti Measurer. I Love Using This And How It Makes It So Easy To Get The Perfect Amount Of Spaghetti Noodles Each Time. Check Out The Link Below And Order Your Today. I Am So Happy To Have Gotten To Try This Out For Free In Return For My Opion
Ho Le Ho Le  

Check out my review of this great product