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Omega3+ Pharmaceutical Grade Promotion

Benefits of Omega3+ include weight loss, healthy heart, mood control, bone health, vision support and reduced inflammation.

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Omega3+ Pharmaceutical Grade

Omega3+ by Red Canoe Naturals - Pharmaceutical Grade: High Levels of DHA 600 mg + EPA 800 mg - All Natural Antioxidant for Heart, Joint, Brain and Overall Health - No Fishy Aftertaste - 1 Month Supply

- BE HEALTHY AND HAPPY - There are 100's of Health Studies that show evidence about Omega 3's health benefits to your life. Including Weight loss, Healthy heart, Mood control, Bone Health, Vision Support and Reducing Inflammation.

- ULTRA STRENGTH BLEND: High levels of DHA and EPA - 1,500mg Omega-3s (800mg EPA, 600mg DHA) per serving.

- SAFE, FRESH AND PURE - Premium Fish oil made in FDA approved, GMP certified Facilities in the USA.

- BURPLESS - No aftertaste or fishy burps.

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