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Omega 3 Fish Oil Pills Promotion

The highest amount of EPA & DHA per serving

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Omega 3 Fish Oil Pills

Omega 3 Fish Oil Pills (60 Softgels) - MAXIMUM POTENCY- Triple Strength 1,500mg Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids 800mg EPA 600mg DHA - The highest amount of EPA & DHA per serving (3-4 times more than many other brands) Clinically Proven to support cardiovascular health, brain function, inflammation & joint pain

MOLECULARLY DISTILLED FOR PURITY - Fish Oil Pills Purified with Molecular Distillation Which Extracts Unwanted Contaminants Such as Heavy Metals Including Mercury Leaving Our Fish Oil Concentrate So Pure That Toxins Are Below Detectable Limits. The CLEANEST & PUREST Fish Oil Available.

TASTELESS, ODOURLESS & SUPER FAST ABSORPTION - Perfect if you've ever had issues with fish burps or a terrible aftertaste that can linger for hours. Does not leave fishy smell on your hands or breathe like you may have experienced with other fish oils.

5 STAR RATING ON AMAZON - MADE IN THE USA in a GMP certified facility. Zip Nutrition Omega 3 Fish oil has been Third Party Tested for quality and purity