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NOT A WORD ABOUT LOVE - Award-Winning Author Promotion

A bestseller from an award-winning author. Are you ready to fall in love? After eleven years of marriage, Maya falls madly in love with a mysterious man...

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NOT A WORD ABOUT LOVE - Award-Winning Author

A Bestseller from an Award-Winning Author

NOT A WORD ABOUT LOVE: Contemporary Romance.

After eleven years of marriage, Maya falls madly in love with a mysterious man. How far will she be willing to go?

"A brilliant book: witty love story, full of humor and sensuality." Lily Pery, #1 literary editor

"Sharp dialogue and clever metaphors… A tight and elegant plot… A huge bestseller!" Yediot Achronot – largest newspaper in Israel

"Goldberg draws her characters with such precision it feels like you can actually touch them.‎" Women's World

‎‎‎Hana Goldberg is a Lifetime Achievement Award winner from Israel's Association of Authors and Composers (ACUM), a bestselling and critically acclaimed Israeli novelist and poet and an A-list lyricist with hundreds of popular songs and many #1 hits. Hana has written many bestselling books and she is a frequent guest on Israeli television shows and has her own column about literature in Israel's most popular web portal - Since her first book at the age of seventeen, and through her bestsellers and hundreds of songs, Hana has been a strong and original voice in Israeli culture.