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Norcho Anti Slip Safety Bath Mat For Bathtub Bathroom Promotion

Suitable for bathtub and bathroom floor

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Norcho Anti Slip Safety Bath Mat For Bathtub Bathroom

Norcho offering a complete product line of Home and Kitchen Mat, and constantly replaces the varieties of products and develops the new products to satisfy the different requirements. We have a good variety of colors, sizes and quality to meet with different needs. The Norcho Non-Slip Bathtub Mat is safe, hygienic and allows you to be comfortable standing or sitting.

Suitable for bathtub and bathroom floor.
Provides a slip-resistant surface to increase bathing safety.
With suction cups for stability and cushioning, and drainage holes for easier draining and cleaning.

Main Color: Light blue
Style: Bathtub mat
Material: Thermal Plastic Rubber
Shape: rectangle design suits for most bathtubs
Size: 34 x 23 inches (L x W)

1 x Bathtub Mat