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NEW Water Filter Replacement 3 Pack. Good For Wamery, Mavea Promotion

NEW Water Filter Replacement 3 Pack. Good For Wamery, Mavea Promotion

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NEW Water Filter Replacement 3 Pack. Good For Wamery, Mavea

A PROBLEM SOLVED: Water is the most important element in our bodies and tap water is getting more polluted. This filter collects impurities along the way removing heavy metals and harmful contaminants. Many people are aware of this and they are looking for the most efficient water filter system. Here you will find a solution for your tap water. It will taste better but most important it is certified by WQA. Eliminate chemicals, remove hard metals, reduce harmful synthetics and kill bacteria.
A FRESH TASTE: Pipes are not free of chemicals, turn the hard water from the faucet into a clean delicious water in just a minute. Wamery have developed a quality product so you can supply your family with fresh healthy water every day without having to carry bottles everywhere. Use filtered water for drinking, preparing coffee, tea, cooking, filling ice cubes and feeding our pets and plants.
HEALTHY: This filter makes water clearer, healthier and tastier. The super-fast 4 stages filter is most certified filtration system on the market guaranteeing the highest quality. Tested at: NSF/ANSI 53 for Healthy effects by the reducing Cadmium, Copper & Mercury. NSF/ANSI 42 Activated Carbon charcoal reduces Chlorine taste and odor and Zinc. NSF/ANSI 372 for a lead free compliance
LONGLAST: This filter is certified to last for 42 gallon, which is more than our competence, and with a positive environment impact avoiding 310 bottle water to be buried in our landfills. Each filter lasts for 1 month of use if you fill the pitcher 3 times a day or 2 months if you fill it twice a day. The filter has a rubber ring around its body to avoid leaks and has a perfect fitting in Wamery, Mavea, Brita's and most pitchers brands with universal size.