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Neoprene Lunch Bag Promotion

Elegant black color and its minimalist design will have you looking marvelous even when you carry your lunch around!

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Neoprene Lunch Bag

Color: Black

DURABLE, ERGONOMIC CONSTRUCTION:This top-notch lunch tote bag is made of sturdy neoprene. It is PVC and lead-free and it contains no harmful toxic materials that might put your health at risk. In addition, it is stain resistant and machine washable. Last but not least, its specially designed flat bottom promises to keep your lunch boxes upright and help you prevent spillages.

LARGE SIZE AND AMPLE STORING SPACE:The Be Marvelous reusable lunch bag features a large, 13.5x13x6.5 inches size and a stretchy material which allow you to store up to 3 lunch boxes of 1 quart each in it. What is more, it can perfectly fit kid and adult lunch boxes of various types.

ELEVATE YOUR STYLE AND BE FASHIONABLE EVEN WHILE CARRYING YOUR LUNCH: If you want to be stylish and stand out, this trendy lunch tote bag for women is a must-have for you! It's classic, elegant black color and its minimalist design will have you looking marvelous even when you carry your lunch around!

PRESERVE YOUR FOOD AT OPTIMUM TEMPERATURE:This amazing insulated lunch bag is made of a 4mm thick neoprene which can preserve your food's cold or hot temperature for up to 4 hours! Moreover, its unique design allows you to keep ice packs in it, in order to keep your food fresh for longer.

PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT AND SAVE MONEY:Forget about disposable paper or plastic lunch bags that pollute the environment once and for all! Stop wasting your money on lunch bags that are not reusable now! This eco-friendly lunch tote bag will help you protect the environment from waste and eliminate the need to buy a new food carrying bag every day.