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Neoprene Car Seat Protector Promotion

Keep your seats in good shape even when things get dirty.

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Neoprene Car Seat Protector

Keep your seats in good shape even when things get dirty. Slip on the Hot & Cool Car Seat Protector anytime the seat may get spoiled otherwise. It takes less than 30 seconds and with the extra anchor band you can be sure it won't slip or even move from its position. Our car seat protectors are made with neoprene at the front and a kind of extra durable synthetic rubber at the back. We have taken the material through extensive tests.

Believe it or not, even the neighbors dog did his thing on it. But no matter how dirty we got, it took no more than an alcohol wipe to clean up our seat protector. Try this with your new leather car seats. The stains will remind you that the investment into an H&C seat protector is a really good idea.

The design of the H&C neoprene car seat protector is an improvement over the other protectors you can buy. For example, we couldn't find one with an extra band to hold the seat protector firmly in place during driving. So we added an anchor band to our design. We also did not like the backside material of the other seat protectors. It just did not feel very durable. That's why we designed our protector's backside with a mosaic-tile pattern that not only feels better and is more sturdy, it also improves ventilation and reduces sweating of the seat.

Hot and Cool seat covers are easy to slip on any car seat. Just pull the hoodie over the head rest and the anchor band all the way down the seat. It is as easy as putting your t-shirt back on after a tanning session at the beach.