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Neewer® Guitar Tuner And Capo Set Promotion

Clip-on tuner for guitar, bass, violin and ukulele. Provides quick, stable and precise tuning!

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Neewer® Guitar Tuner And Capo Set

Set includes: (1)NW-3000A Chromatic Clip-on Tuner + (1)Single-handed Guitar Capo with Bridge Pin Puller.

• Clip-on tuner for Guitar, Bass, Violin and Ukulele. Provides quick, stable and precise tuning
• Features white and green back-light rotational LCD display screen. Comes with one 2032 button battery
• Well-constructed zinc alloy guitar capo for Acoustic and Electric Guitar. Easily applied and adjusted with one hand
• With bridge pin puller on one handle, helps remove bridge pins without making damage to your guitar