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Neewer® Follow Focus With Adjustable Gear Ring Belt For DSLR Cameras Promotion

Compatable with all DSLR cameras, camcorders, film cameras and video cameras.

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Neewer® Follow Focus With Adjustbale Gear Ring Belt For DSLR Cameras

• Compatible with all DSLR cameras, camcorder, film cameras and video cameras.
It can fit industry standard 15mm/0.59" rod mounts (60mm for center to center distance) tightly.

• Use gear drive to adjust camera focus in a more accurate and smooth way. Easy to install and use.

• An adjustable gear ring belt is designed to fit wider range of lens diameters.

• Grooved knob for slip-free control.A white marking disk to mark focus point.

• It can be mounted from both sides for left-handed or right-handed photographers.