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Neewer® 8.5x10ft/2.6x3M Background Support System With Backdrop & Lighting Kit Promotion

Ideal for television, video production and digital photography.

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Neewer® 8.5x10ft/2.6x3M Background Support System With Backdrop & Lighting Kit

This kit includes:(1)3.5 ft-8.5 ft//1.06M - 2.59M. Muslin Backdrop Support System Stand+(1)6' x 9'/1.8M x 2.8M xGreen Musllin Backdrop+(1)6' x 9'/1.8M x 2.8M xWhite Muslin Backdrop+(1)6' x 9'/1.8M x 2.8M xBlack Muslin Backdrop+(2)x 53"-100"/1.35M-2.54M Softbox Light Stand+(1)30"-55"/0.76M-1.39M Boom Stand & Sandbag Combo+(3)16" x 24"/40.64CM x 60.96CM Soft Box Reflector+(3)4-Socket Adapter Holder Softbox Light Holder+(12)45W Digital CFL Light Bulb+(1) Carry Bag +(6)Backdrop Clamp
(2)x Softbox Light Stand£ºSolid safety 3 legs stages,capable for stable,heavy duty work.And use quick single action locks,providing fast precision height adjustment
Muslin backdrop(black, white and green)+(6)Muslin Backdrop Clamp +(1)x Muslin Backdrop Support System Stand are ideal for television,video production and digital photography
(12) x 45W Digital Full Spectrum CFL Light Bulb equals to 200W regular incandescent light bulb output