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Neewer® 700W LIGHTING KIT Professional Photography 24"x24"/60x60cm Softbox Promotion

This professional kit is perfect for advertising products, photo-art, industrial, scientific and technical photography, photographic reproduction.

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Neewer® 700W LIGHTING KIT Professional Photography 24"x24"/60x60cm Softbox

The kit included:(2)24"X24"/60x60cm Softbox+(2)85W 5500K CFL Light Bulb+(2)88"/224cm Light Stand +(1)Carrying Bag

• This professional kit is perfect for advertising products, photo-art, industrial, scientific and technical photography, photographic reproduction.
• (2)24"X24"/60x60cm Softbox: Softbox diffuses the light and gives you perfect even lighting when you need for the best shots possible.With E27 socket,you can directly connect light bulbs,fluorescent lamps,or slave flash to offer the light.
• (2)85W 5500K CFL Light Bulb:Low operating temperature, so they don't get hot like the more common photo bulb choices.Provide bright environment for taking product photo.
• (2)88"/224cm Light Stand:Constructed from aluminum alloy,giving them exceptional strength for heavy duty work.And use quick single action locks,providing fast precision height adjustment.(1)Comes with carrying bag to transport and protect the equipment easily.

Anthony Moss Anthony Moss  

The Neewer Professional Photography Softbox is a great way to take professional style photos in the convenience of your own home. The setup was very easy and took only a few minutes. There were no instructions included, however, the product was very easy to figure out from the Amazon product photo. The bulbs are included and the Neewer brand replacement bulbs sell for $12.99 each on Amazon, which is very competitively priced in comparison. The included storage case is a great way to keep everything together and compact. We were amazed that the lights were not too hot to touch when we were finished taking our photos. I was very impressed at how the lighting made our living room pop, it honestly made our recliner look like it was sitting in a showroom on display. We took a few photos of our son being silly and the lighting just made everything in the photo brighter and more dynamic. We take photos in our living room all the time and I normally have to adjust them in Photoshop, not this time. They literally popped off the screen without any editing other than cropping. These lights would be an excellent tool for people taking product photos for reviews, online sales, or brochures. We plan on saving the money we would normally pay for the overpriced photos as the photo studio and take our own at home. You literally pay hundreds of dollars for a ton of poses you were pressured into buying and honestly who needs that many copies. I would recommend this product for anyone who wants more dynamic photos. I received this product for free in exchange for my honest, unbiased review. Why no voting buttons? We don't let customers
Chrissy Papnick Chrissy Papnick  

The Neewer 700W Lighting Kit is awesome! It is lightweight for portability and easy to set up. I love the carry bags for the lighting stands and the compact padded carrying bag for the whole kit. It comes with 2 soft boxes, 2 velcro on diffusers, 2 large E27 socket Tri-phospher 85w 5500k 110v cfl day light bulbs, and an adjustable light stand. I would recommend this product to anyone who needs to travel with their photography equipment. It was simple enough to use for a novice and powerful enough for a pro. I bought mine on Amazon for free or discounted in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.
Jaime Groleau Jaime Groleau  

Neewer photography softbox lighting kit. Free to review. Includes 2 Lightbox 2 stands 2 fluorescent light bulbs 2 diffusers and a carrying case to store it all in. Can be adjusted for various angles. Find it reasonably priced here: #lightingkit #lightbox #photography #softbox #pictures #free #review #amazon