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Neewer® 30"/76cm Photography Shooting Tent Kit Promotion

Best solution for your portable photo studio

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Neewer® 30"/76cm Photography Shooting Tent Kit

Best Solution for Your Portable Photo Studio: Perfect for objects less than 16in, such as toys, accouterments, small furnishings and souvenir, etc.
• Soften lighting for reducing overexposure and hot spots.Seamless and non-reflectable background for less post processing.
• Light entering from translucent side/top cloth for bathing object in dimensional lighting.

Eliza Harmon Eliza Harmon  

I can easily take photos without shadows with my new light box and photo lights. This gear is professional grade and doesn't spare any detail. Go check it out at #photography #professional #results #instagood #gotitfree overall so pleased with the quality of photos I'm getting with this light box set. Don't believe me? Try it yourself! Value is fantastic. Cannot be beat on quality.
Sheryl Jefferies Sheryl Jefferies  

NEEWER tabletop studio kit. This is a great kit for creative still life or product photography. Includes everything you need - even the bulbs. Easy to use soft box and portable.
Michael Lopez Michael Lopez  

This light tent is perfect for taking photos of small to medium sized objects. The tent itself is larger than I thought it would be and it comes with different color backdrops. The set comes in cardboard box that contains all the individual parts in their own boxes which makes transporting and storing fairly straightforward. The light output from the bulbs near the sides of the tent provide an overall even glow on the object you are taking a picture of. However, one of the light socket bases I was sent was not working. I thought it may have been the bulb, but I tried a working bulb on both sockets and only one was working. I'm working with the vendor to get a new replacement. Apart from that, this is a convenient set up for those looking to take product photos or even photos of pets. Quality of the tripods was good as well as the bulbs. I only wish the socket wasn't damaged as this would have been a 5 star review. Disclaimer: I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. -- Thanks, Michael Lopez
Jackson Bagby Jackson Bagby  

Awesome set for photography, highly recommended!