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Neewer® 203cm/80" Aluminum Alloy Portable Mini Jib Arm Crane Promotion

Create smooth movement for your images, more versatile angles to film!

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Neewer® 203cm/80" Aluminum Alloy Portable Mini Jib Arm Crane

• Create smooth movement for your images,more versatile angles to film! Able to connect Tripod with 1/4" or 3/8" screw.

• Made of durable and sturdy Aluminum Alloy, perfect for DSLR and Camcorder moving making.Total length goes to 203cm/80",holds up to 8kg/17.6lbs,optimal choice for outdoor photographing and filming.

• 1/4" Threaded holes in two ends for mounting other accessories, such as magic arms, LED light,to help boost the quality of your footage.

• Include an position-adjustable D-ring Lock to hang the sandbag, which help balance and stabilization,as well as releasing the pressure you have for holding the jib crane.

• Compact and easy to set up, with the carrying case, you can take it wherever you want for wedding or filming and seize more unintended and precious moments!