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Neewer Light Weight Adjustable Camera Table Top Monopod Stand Tripod Support Rig Promotion

Neewer Light Weight Adjustable Camera Table Top Monopod Stand Tripod Support Rig

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Neewer Light Weight Adjustable Camera Table Top Monopod Stand Tripod Support Rig

• Compact and portable
• Large legs with skid reduction pads make it stand firmly
• Fully adjustable (Min 8" to Max 16")
• Adjustable photography angle from 30¡ãto 90¡ã
• Can be connected to a radio trigger for triggering flash light to fill flash

Will Brackett Will Brackett  

This Is An Excellent Tabletop Monopod That Can Be Used For Photography Or Video. It Provides Sturdy Support And Keeps Your Shots Still And Precise. I Would Definitely Recommend This To Anyone Who Is A Film/photography Enthusiast. Neewer Is Unstoppable With The Amazing High Quality Products They Produce. I Own Several Other Products Of Theirs And Have Always Been Astonished At How High Quality They Are And How Inexpensive They Are. This One Is No Different You Should Definitely Check This Out I Received This Product On A Promotional Discount For My Honest Review And They Are 100% My Own Opinions. I Received No Compensation For This Review And I Am Not Required To Give A Positive Review. I Am Also Not Associated With The Seller In Any Way.
Brittany Nelson Brittany Nelson  

I Ordered This Table Top Monopod/tripod Stand For My Canon T5i DSLR Rebel Camera. I Am Not A Professional So I Can Not Tell You All The Specs And Descriptions That A Professional Would Be Able To. I Can However Tell You My Experience, Which Was Very Pleasant. I Do Own Multiple Tripods But I Am Always Looking To Expand And Find Things To Help Me Shoot Photos Better. I Do Like This Stand Personally. Its Not As Well Built As Most Of The Canon Built Stands, But You Also Pay For What You Get With Canon. I Do Like How This Stand Much Was Less Expensive With Close To The Same Outcome As Some Of The Expensive Stands That I Own. If You Are Just Starting Out Like Me, I Don't See A Problem With Trying New Things, Like The Neewer Brand, Because You Never Know Your Style Until You Try Different Options. I Actually Ordered A Neewer Light For The Flash Of My Camera With This Stand, And I Am Very Much In Love With It! I Would Definitely Recommend This Stand Though, Its A Less Expensive Way To Try New Ways Of Shooting And To Give You More Experience On What You Do And Do Not Like! If This Review Was Helpful To You, Please Let Me Know By Choosing Yes! I Did Purchased This DSLR Stand At A Discounted Rate, But My Review Is Honestly MY Opinion And In My Own Words, Not Influenced In Any Way. If You Have Any Questions, Feel Free To Ask And I Will Get Right Back To You! Also I Will Keep This Updated If Anything Should Happen.
Dana Diamond Dana Diamond  

I Got My Home Photo Studio All Set Up With The Help Of Aidyn! It Came With Everything I Needed Except The Camera :). I Can't Wait For Thanksgiving And Christmas To Get Here So I Can Set Up Some Sweet Photo Sessions. Https:// Https://
Andy Hendrix Andy Hendrix