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Naviskin Kayak Paddle (Black, Yellow, White) Promotion

Try these kayak paddles. Feathered blade design. Lightweight and durable. Three locking positions.

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Naviskin Kayak Paddle (Black, Yellow, White)

- Feathered Blade Design
- Two Piece Construction For Easy Storage
- Colors Available: Black, yellow and white
- Lightweight and durable
- Three locking positions

Carol Green Carol Green  

I LOVE my new kayak paddles! Check them out.
Carol Green Carol Green  

I love my new kayak paddles! Check them out at
Carol Green Carol Green  

So Excited, My New Kayak Paddles Arrived! They Are Bright Yellow, Lightweight And Comfortable And Have One Side Slightly Different Where I Hold It So I Know To Put That Side In My Power Hand! Yippee! The Price Was Right, Too! Check Them Out. Https://