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MyGarden Lawn Water Sprinkler Promotion

Water your garden, rejuvenate your lawn or let the kids have a fun water day outdoors!

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MyGarden Lawn Water Sprinkler

Water your garden, rejuvenate your lawn or let the kids have a fun water day outdoors! Whether you're a green thumb or just trying to keep your grass alive, it's far easier to water outdoor plants when you don't have to stand there holding a trigger squeeze sprayer in the hot sun.
That's why you need the MyGarden Lawn and Garden Water Sprinkler that offers you maximum water coverage without you having to life a finger. Protect Your Flowers, Feed Your Lawn Tough enough to hold up to rain, the elements, and playful children, our premium-grade sprinkler made with rustproof ABS plastic can spray gigantic areas of your lawn, garden and outdoor areas with three 360-degree rotating arms. Better yet, our water conservation technology helps deliver an even layer of water without over spraying and running up your water bill.
Designed to make gardening and tending plants easier, this is one garden sprinkler that's ready to help grow some truly beautiful roses.

Product Details: Advanced ABS Plastic Triple Arm Spray Action Wide, Stable Base with 360° Rotation Covers Up to 3,400 sq. ft.
Spray Distance: 26' - 32.8' Adjustable Spray Directions: Direct or 45° Angle Size: 6" x 6" x 3.5" Order Includes: MyGarden Lawn Sprinkler 1-Year Warranty Note: Connector and water hose not included. Click 'Add to Cart' now to keep your grass greener, your flower bushes looking beautiful and your lawn healthier all through the summer.