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Multipurpose Garden Hand Trowel Promotion

Designed for gardening. Ergonomic.

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Multipurpose Garden Hand Trowel

The #1 Rated Gardening Invention of 2015, Click on the yellow 'Add to Cart' button above. Also check out the multi buy deal discount coupon deals on these and other Gardease products by clicking on the 'Special Offers for this item'

- CONVENIENCE - The Invention Gardeners Have Been Waiting For - Spend MORE TIME in the Yard
- UNIQUE DESIGN - Dig Down and Pull towards motion. No More Sore Wrists
- MULTIPURPOSE - Basket Style Scoop, Digging, Transplanting and Leveling
- FUN FOR ALL THE FAMILY - One Size Fits All Hand Sizes Reinventing the Garden Trowel

Pull soil toward you, not away from you, now that's ergonomic! This Handigger was originally developed for the construction industry. After two years of testing, we rebuilt it for gardening, amateurs and professionals alike. The Handigger is an ergonomic shovel that has been developed so that people with rheumatic pain can easily make use of digging.

Why Choose Handigger
- Robust Design
- Ease of Use, Lightweight
- Precision Manufacturing Process
- No Moving Parts
- One Size Fits All Our Guarantee
- Feel Reassured in your Purchase Of Handigger with our Lifetime Guarantee USA's Favorite Ergonomic, Multipurpose Durable Hand Digger
Click The "Add To Cart" Button Above Now And Have Full Confidence In Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.