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Multifun Smart Digital Feeding Pet Bowl Promotion

Customized feeding programs. Pet bowl can record feeding time automatically.

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Multifun Smart Digital Feeding Pet Bowl

Feature: Customized feeding programs: Smart feederDogcare APP filed 92 kinds of dogs, varying from 3 body types of dogs to 3 different age groups ,it the customize feeding plan based on dogs physical parameter Happy eating: Bold bite can not destroy the basin, make the pets happy eating. Timing Feeding: Pet bowls can record feeding time automatically,it could display the times of feeding to prevent feed more or less. Split design: Base and bowl liner separation, you may need to switch to a different bowl liner, suitable for dogs of different eating habits of use. 0.1g Precision Weighing App Operation

1. Pull out the insulation card of the battery jar on the bottom of bowl,and ensure to electrify the bowl and then turn it on.
2. Scan the QR code with mobile phone to download the Dogcare APP
3. Open the Dogcare APP , enable the Bluetooth and binding the smart bowl according to the APP prompt.
4. Register and login , fill into the pet information to produce the feeding patameters.
5. Click the menu at the right upper comer to set the feeding prompt finish binding the smart bowl.

Machine size: 7.87*3.15in Power: 2 AAA battery (not included in the package)
Battery life: about 6 months (if feeding 2 times by day)
Remind mode: LED and buzzer
Weighing range: Maximum 2kg (Weighing accuracy: 0.1g)
Connection: Bluetooth 4.0 Package Content : 1* Smart Digital Feeding Pet Bowl 1* English Manual