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Mr Visibility USB Rechargeable Green Reflective LED Belt Promotion

USB Rechargeable Reflective LED Safety Belt

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Mr Visibility USB Rechargeable Green Reflective LED Belt

USB Rechargeable Reflective LED Safety Belt (Green color):

- USB Rechargeable (free cable).

- 3M Reflective Elastic Strip + LED band (fiber optic technology).

- LED glowing lights: flash mode and solid mode.- Fits both adults & children.

- Lightweight, comfortable and fully adjustable.

- Waterproof (splash proof).

Our reflective LED belt is the best outdoor gear for safety, gives 360 degrees of high visibility, better than any reflective vest. It holds a high reflective elastic strap (reflects light) and one LED band with a powerful light at night (gives off light).

It fits about any outdoor sport or activity, such as: running, cycling, jogging, (dog) walking, biking, hiking, motorcycling, etc. Even it is recommendable for roadside safety, construction, military, highway patrol, child safety, airport staff, etc.It is lightweight, versatile, comfortable and fully adjustable. Only 1 click is necessary to change the two kinds of LED lights: flashing mode & solid mode. Our safety belt is user friendly, the reflective strap is elastic and easy to adjust, you can wear at the waist (more common), shoulder or around your backpack/bag. It can be expanded from 25 inches to 50 inches.

Quality is first key of our company, we have some quality certifications (CE & Rohs) and your belt is waterproof (splash-proof). USB rechargeable battery with cable supplied free (no more battery cells). It gives 10 hours on flashing mode and 6 hours steady on glowing mode. The battery life holds more than 500 times charge-recharge.