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Mr.Stimer Vacuum Seal Storage Bags Promotion

You can use any home vacuum cleaner

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Mr.Stimer Vacuum Seal Storage Bags

3 X JUMBO SIZE BAGS FOR EXTRA LARGE ITEMS! Buying 3 XL vacuum storage bags in one set you get 3 extra strong "24 x 32" reusable VACUUM STORAGE BAGS for clothes. Store your towels, bed sheets, blankets, and give yourself MORE STORAGE SPACE without buying extra furniture!

NO MOLD, MILDEW, OR BACTERIA! Our vacuum seal storage bags are made of 70 micron thick high-quality hypoallergenic plastic - so you don't have to worry about the long-term effects of storage in an air-tight bag. It's practically STERILE inside these bags - your clothes are protected from external factors such as insects or moisture.

EASY TO USE! You can use any home vacuum cleaner. Just put some clean dry clothes inside. Slide the locker well, open the seal and extract the air out of it. That's it! Your clothes will stay dry, clean and ODOR FREE for long time.

OUR SPACE SAVING VACUUM STORAGE BAGS ARE REUSABLE up to 10 times! We built our Bags with premium thick plastic which makes it possible to use these vacuum pack bags again and again.