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Movon Hidden Travel Wallet Neck And Passport Holder RFID Promotion

Safety stash pouch organizer for men and women.

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Movon Hidden Travel Wallet Neck And Passport Holder RFID

* SAFETY & PROTECTION - Movon Travel Wallet is made for your credit cards and cash protection against pickpockets & modern theft technologies.

* USEFUL - for travelers, adventurer, sportsmen, and for those who care about yourself.

* RFID BLOCKING SYSTEM - We use a special technology for the production of RFID Blocking Stash Neck Pouch. There is a special fabric inside, which stops the radio waves from outside. Special care - special lining.

* SLIM DESIGN & COMFORT - Comfortable to wear under clothes because of special breathable, moisture-wicking backside material and slim design. Movon Hidden Travel Pouch is made for Men and Women. It can be used not just to make your hands free in your journey, but also it can save your money, never know when you meet a thief on your way!

* QUALITY - Special durable water-resistant High-quality Rip-stop Nylon (210D) and professional Rubberized YKK Zippers protect your passport, cash, tickets and other documents. We use the best textile, professional YKK zippers, all of this just to make your life a little bit more comfortable and protected.

* STORAGE & ORGANIZATION - You will have 2 zippered storages for credit cards and cash & 1 big storage, which is divided into 2 storages for passport, tickets, boarding passes, telephone in your Movon Stash Neck Wallet. Be organized:)

* BEST GIFT - Do you have relatives, friends or colleagues who love adventure, sport, travel or have frequent business trips? Of course, you do:) The Movon Neck Travel Wallet will be a perfect travel gift for them.

* SAVE UP TO 15% - for Buying 2, 3 or more - use the coupon codes.